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West Coast Bash 2015!

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I so want to go to this next year. So much so, the question I want to ask anyone now, so very far ahead of time....


Do you think (or know) that After-Labor Day-Weekend "weekend" will be for WCB 2016?

Same as the last few years' Bashes? It would actually be Sept.10 & 11 if both parks did it, again.


Reason I'm asking now is, in just a few months, I have some great deals open to me re: flights

and hotels, for now.


And as usual, it's just me, worrying and planning ahead. So far ahead. Extreeeeemely far ahead.


Thanks in advance for any info.on this.


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I know this is random, but I have been looking back through the photos from WCB to see all the awesome shots you all provided us with, and I just want to say that this photo is unique... It almost looks like part of screams track at the top of the loop is missing. I mean we all know it is not. (Obviously) but it still looked cool!




Anyone else see what I am seeing?!

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I'm getting a wee bit 'anxious' about the (eventual) availability of tickets to this September's 2016 Bash.


Is there any word on when the tix are becoming available?


Thanks in advance.


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If we look at past bashes. Tickets usually go on sale around June/July. I'm sure this type of planning takes time.


Can't wait for this years bash though.




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^ Okay, good to know. I only asked, because this 2015 thread started near the beginning of May,

when tickets were (then) available. Yes, I re-checked, and last year they started on May 3.


But I'll calm down now, thanks.

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