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West Coast Bash 2015!

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Thank you Robb and everyone who helped make this event possible! I had an amazing (albeit exhausting) time!


I was really happy to go on the Fright Fest tour at Magic Mountain, it was a pleasant surprise! I thought it was super cool that they actually turned off the lights and put on all the effects for us to walk through and see. All the Knott's tours were amazing too. Although I wish I could have gone on the Ghostrider tour as well, I was super pumped about the Haunt tour, and I really hope to visit it this year.


Still an amazing day with a lot of amazing people. It's so nice being around other enthusiasts who share the same passion and just goofing off and having fun.


Thank you again to anyone reading this who helped put on this event. I can imagine it's a lot of work to put on, but I REALLY appreciate it and love what you guys do for us!


Oh, and Twisted Colossus was absolutely amazing. I'm even more excited for Roar now!

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An absolutely wonderful way to end WCB2015!


While it was nice to get the SFMM credits, Knott's Berry Farm seemed genuinely happy to have our group there! They bent over backwards with the 4 hours of ERT, GREAT food, lots of backstage tours, presentation, and just great hospitality. It was truly an honor to be a guest at their park.


Just one suggestion: can they replace the windows in Sky Cabin? I know they are plexiglass and able to be changed out. That was my only criticism. When we took a twilight ride up the tower, most of my pictures seemed hazy due to the scratched and worse for the wear condition of the windows.


A huge thanks again to Robb and Elissa who worked tirelessly to make sure the weekend went off without a hitch.
























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I only got to attend the morning and evening ERT since I had to watch the kids during the day and they are too little for most of the rides...

And I still had the most fun I've had at Knott's, or any theme park, in my adult life (and it's my home park!).


Thanks so much to Knotts, the Alveys, and TPR for a memorable day. I'm still on a high from the experience. I at one point literally just sat on the log ride in my own boat for about 30 minutes going round and round the course. Wheeeeeeee!!!

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Thank you Robb, Elissa and crew! I had a great WCB. SFMM was a long, long day. really didn't ride much outside of ERT. actually, didn't even ride that many rides except for TC. haha my buddy and i did, yolo in the morning, then TC. we hit lex luthor once in between some TC. night we did superman once, then to TC for the rest of the night. oh, and ninja once right before ert. i'm local so no big deal not trying to go crazy.


the TC tour was real cool. anytime you can get some unique angles it's always a treat. btw, did anyone ask about the elusive green train? would have been nice to see that. i totally forgot.


barely made it back home after the long day to get about 4 hours sleep before knott's the next morning. luckily, i live about 4 miles away from knotts so no long drive. i wasn't able to stay during the day, but got in the ghostrider photo op and ss behind the scenes tour. those were great! got in a few silver bullet and xcelerator rides before heading to iron reef. it broke down and i didn't want to wait too long. i was tired and needed a nap so headed home until night ert. came back around 6:30 and the parking lot was closed. i headed to the hotel and explained to the nice lady. she called someone and they let me park there. really cool.


more xcelerator and a ride on coast rider. i did one iron reef. scored 187,000. wish i rode more in the morning, i'm sure i could have done better with more experience and would have joined the contest. oh well.


i forgot to mention, we over shot the brakes on yolo. after a few "psych" moments, we finally got in the right spot and were able to shoot backwards then forward over the loop and hit the awesome brakes on the drop down. lol


again, awesome time, looking forward to the next one!!
































Sorry, got a bit slow mo happy, but i think they're pretty good.








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Thanks Robb and Elissa for a truly epic WCB! SFMM put on a great event, haven't had that much fun at SFMM in quite awhile. ERT was great, lunch was surprisingly good and a few prizes never hurts. Knott's was incredible as usual. Really enjoyed the photo op of Ghostrider, lots of awesome at the Sidewinder tour and ERT on Iron Reef was a lot of fun despite not being able to beat Elissa's score. Quest was the highlight of the day, great group of people who played. Tucker gets better every year, wouldn't be WCB without him. Friends, food, ERT...amazing, amazing weekend!

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I'd like to add my thanks to Robb, Elissa, Magic Mountain, and Knott's for a great West Coast Bash. I'll start posting a TR next week, which will include Disney and SeaWorld San Diego, too--but I have a lot of photos to sort through!

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I had a great time at West Coast Bash. I really need to find someone to come with from South Florida. I recognzied a few faces from the 2013 event, and it was cool to see some of my old RideWorld friends ( Rob & Paul - if you read this ).


Here are a few photos I took throughout the event.


Thank you to Robb and crew for always putting on a fantastic event!!










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^^It was great to see you, too, Paul!


One more big thanks to everyone at TPR, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knotts Berry Farm for a stupendously fun weekend. Magic Mountain is getting damn close to being the best thrill ride park I've been to (can't wait for New Revolution!) and Knotts, well, Knotts is a second home. Witnessing "Carrying Jeff Tucker" was worth the entire price of admission.


Can't wait for next year!

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More pics, y'all!


Payphones...that brings me back!


singemfrc/Bryan and I posing on SpM.


singemfrc/Bryan and I on SM.


"The Doctor"...dude SEND ME A PM!!!!!!! Where are you, dude?


I'm petting Toothless. ;)


I like danger!


More posing.


I like posing apparently.


The Doctor and Marlin riding X2. Dudes; send us a PM! If you send singemfrc/Bryan a PM, he'll send you a video of the both of you on this ride.

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Thank you for the great time. What a ride!


To the guy that was on Xcelerator during ERT, contact me.


What guy?


It seems that "he" doesn't view the forum too much, otherwise he would have

contacted me already. Ok, this guy was on during the night ERT. Sat right next

to him, don't remember what he said his name was. You probably wouldn't know either unless you were there at that time. But thanks for posting the question.

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