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AQUA ROCKET coming to Raging Waters San Dimas

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So raging waters san dimas announced the new aqua rocket launched water ride not to long ago. I know the ride has been complete, but that is all I can find. Anyone know anything about it? When it may open? Here are the promo pics and construction pics I found.





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Looks to be a LIM Slide!!


Raging Waters San Dimas is introducing the first hydromagnetic LIM coaster to California this summer 2015 – Aqua Rocket.


What the park has to say about the new slide:


California’s Largest Water Park Announces State’s First Hydromagnetic Coaster


December 18, 2014 (San Dimas, CA) - Raging Waters San Dimas is introducing the first hydromagnetic LIM coaster to California this summer 2015 – Aqua Rocket. As California’s Largest Water Park, Aqua Rocket will span close to two football fields in length, making a great addition to the park’s current 49 water attractions


Aqua Rocket offers guests a radically different experience by merging the adrenaline rush of a roller coaster and the thrills and spills of a water ride. With the new generation of hydromagnetic technology, the four-person rocket style raft transits uphill for a series of four peaks and three exhilarating drops at a speedy 30 mph.


“Aqua Rocket is an awesome state-of-the-art water coaster that will stimulate your senses.” said General Manager Mark Whitfield.


Similar to a roller coaster, linear induction motors (LIM) are used to generate a traveling magnetic field to push the metal-plated rafts rapidly and smoothly uphill. Amid the 1,000-foot-long water coaster are three continuous rocket incline zones.


“We are excited for the newest addition and looking forward to Aqua Rocket becoming one of the most popular attractions in California.” Whitfield added. “Ranked by Travel Chanel and USA Today, Raging Waters is one of the Top 10 Water Parks in the U.S….and it just got better!”


About Raging Waters San Dimas

Raging Waters San Dimas is California’s Largest Water Park owned and operated by Palace Entertainment. Operating on 50 acres of water adventure, Raging Waters San Dimas has over 49 water attractions. For hours and pricing, visit http://www.ragingwaters.com.




Looks to be a great addition to the park. 30mph seems like a pretty decent speed for a tube slide. Also, I really like the colors of the slide. They look good together.

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That looks beautiful!


Still can't wait for the day when we get one of these over here! (I'm not too picky,it dosen't have to be in Scandinavia, it can be in Germany, France or even the UK, just somewhere on this side of the "pond")

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I can't wait to ride this this summer! Raging waters is definitely my favorite water park in California now since Wild Rivers closed a couple years ago. Happy to see a water coaster finally come to this state and hopefully more start to pop up other places too.

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Aqua Rocket looks like a fun edition to this classic waterpark. I say classic because the first time a came here I was a young teenager, and now I'm 43! (Holy Crap how does that happen)

Though my favorite attraction at this park is now gone, I believe it was called 'raging rivers', it was a tube ride where you entered at the top of a hill and had multiple options/routes to reach the bottom. You could spend lots of time on that ride because you went at your own pace, but I guess it required lots of labor resources to run so it was sadly replaced by a multilane slide ride called Ragin' Racer.

But for anyone visiting Southern CA, Raging Waters will not disappoint.

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I'm going to Raging Waters tomorrow (7/24) since I'm going to be in the LA area. I haven't been to Raging Waters San Dimas in 10 years. Looking forward to trying out my first water coaster type water slide.

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