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What defunct park intrigues you the most?

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Paragon Park intrigues me most without a doubt. I grew up mere minutes from Nantasket Beach. Nantasket is an amazing beach, but it would be on an entirely different level with a full boardwalk park running alongside it. I still look at those condos with disdain.


The only remnants are a rarely opened Fascination parlor and a great classic carousel. I'm glad the Giant Coaster found a second life at Six Flags America, but I still wish it were here in Massachusetts.

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Definitely Palisades Park, purely out of my fascination with old-fashioned parks and historic sites NJ/NYC. My dad actually went there as a child with my grandma, so I took him to Knoebels and he fell in love with the park and of course Flying Turns. He said the atmosphere reminded him a lot of Palisades... But holy crap the Lake Placid Bobsled though!!





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Freedomland USA.


This was a large park in New York that only lasted a few seasons. The park had several large attractions, and was designed to compete with Disney.


Cedarpoints dark rides( pirat ride and earthquake) both came from this park.


More about it here...



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Probably Mgm Grand Adventures for me. Out of all of the defunct parks that I have heard of, that one sounds the most interesting with some really unique attractions. I wish there was more information / videos of it online.

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