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What do you use to plan your trips?

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What does everyone here use to plan their trips? In the past, we've just used notepad and written things down by date. I've tried to use like google calendars but I find it to much of a pita to move stuff around. We tend to move stuff around a lot to see what the best way of doing things is. (What days to do what parks, what places we'd like to eat at in the parks, what hotels we are going to stay at etc.)



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Top Posters In This Topic

http://www.coast2coaster.eu/ is incredibly useful for getting an idea of the space between parks and making sure you don't miss any good coasters you happen to be nearby


I generally use a bit of paper for initial planning to jot opening times etc but use tripit to keep things organised once I've booked everything.


skyscanner and kayak are what I use to find flights


Trivago is usually what I use for hotels but I also check hotwire and priceline for any especially good deals

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Shockingly little

I like to do as little as possible, you know make sure essentials and travel is taken care of, then after that I just wing it.

I try to meet locals and let them be my guides.


Two years ago when I went to California the only things I had "planned" were my plane tickets, a rental car, and that I was meeting TPR at SFMM on a certain day. Moment I landed, I just winged my journey


Kayak is what I used to actually plan, great site for planes, hotels, and rental cars.

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I use:

TPR Park Index to figure out how long I will need to spend at a park, and if I actually want to go to that park.

RCDB to find parks near other parks.

Google Maps for driving (With the drive times double checked by Map Quest, sometimes Google wants you to go 90 MPH to get to the place in the time they say it will take you)

I pull up a Google Doc to write everything out, and make sure everything is possible time-wise.

TPR's Forum to ask for local's advice!

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My brain wandering at night thinking of where to go for an adventure.

Google Maps to see how feasible my crazy adventure is based on the days I have available (usually I'm driving).

Google for locating hotels near or somewhere between parks.

Check my network of connections for cheap or free tickets.

Purchase tickets in advance online, at AAA, etc. for best deals. (Or search Google for deals)


Simple, yet has worked countless times. Thank You Google and connections!

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Google Maps and Kayak if we're planning on staying somewhere for a few days. If we're just doing what we usually do and making a long drive to go to a park on a Saturday where we need to leave from work Friday, get a hotel along the way and finish driving on Saturday morning then I just get a hotel whenever I feel like stopping and completely wing it.

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