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Ideas For The Theme Of Cedar Fairs Dark Rides

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With Cedar Fair saying that every park in the chain will receive a dark ride, lets make up some ideas for the themes of them.


I would like to see one themed to magic/magician. When you shoot the targets something "magical" happens. I don't know but i like it.

Your turn.

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Some random thoughts of mine...

Dorney Park: Themed to either Journey to the Center of the Earth or a Gold Mine, as both were themes of past dark rides. Gold Mine was actually SBNO underneath one of the buildings as recently as the mid 2000s.

Kings Island: Got nothing for the theme, but the old Tomb Raider/Crypt box, if split into levels, could provide a pretty cool ride.

Kings Dominion: Something to do with Lost World. I know that Volcano means the mountain itself really can't be used, but build a building behind it inside the coaster's turn/launches, and make the entrance look like it's in the mountain.

Cedar Point: Gotta be pirates! Sure, it's a small building, but it could work.

California's Great America: Something involving a tornado. Might help to explain why none of the coasters have roofs on their stations. On a serious note, I could see Action Theater being repurposed to become the ride.


I honestly can't see them coming up with anything *too* interesting (that is, location-specific) for Valleyfair, Michigan's Adventure or Carowinds, but then there's probably something relating to park history or legend that I'm missing on those two. Worlds of Fun could draw from whatever "land" their dark ride is built in and go from there with the theme.

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Very few dark rides I have been on, ever involve the "running into" other ride vehicles.

Mr.Toad's Wild Ride at DL does this a couple of times. But still, it might be nice to

come up with a theme that could involve "traffic" going towards and around each other.

And then disappearing on to their solo route.


Assuming they use a rail system. If it's trackless, then all bets are off, lol.


Having more than one level to travel would be nice. Alice at DL does it

nicely, a few other dark rides too, I know. But combine this with the suggestion

above, and the dark rides could be really something to ride!


And as well, adding outdoor portion(s) of the track too, would enhance the ride.

A lot of big Carnival dark rides use outside as well as inside, no matter how cheesy they are.


Have a high tech version of this facade, ( thankyou www.ukrides.info )

then turn the cheesy carnival classic into a new animal! (o;

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As I said in the Valleyfair thread: "The Wrath of Colonel Oom Pah Pah."


"I shall destroy Snoopy and his friends for usurping my place at Valleyfair's beloved mascot!"

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If Cedar Fair has a part in making it, it would end with the Colonel being brutally murdered and Snoopy being proclaimed Jesus Christ. Kind of like one of those movies where a guy rises up against the corporate giants, except in this one that guy loses because it's being made by those corporate giants.

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Skull Mountain, Flight of Fear, etc. are indoor, themed roller coasters. Not dark rides.

Coasters like Dark Knight (SF parks) are where the line starts to blur, but IMO they're more "coaster" than "dark ride."

Guardian at Wonderland is in this category due to the lift hill, but more "dark ride" than "coaster."

Skull Mountain and Flight of Fear are undeniably indoor coasters, however. Definitely not dark rides.

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^ Not really. By that definition, Skull Mountain is a dark ride, which it is not.

It is. It is a dark ride coaster.


Nope. An indoor coaster and dark ride are two different things. A dark ride/coaster combines the two (Mummy at Universal). A dark ride has show scenes and vignettes to pass by. It's not just any old ride in a building.

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Yea, Skull Mountain is definitely not a dark ride.


Back on topic, since the article came out that CF is flirting with the idea of putting these rides in each park, I've been trying to think of a theme for a potential one at Dorney. I know CF said they'd like to theme them individually based off the park and surrounding location, but am drawing a blank on what that could be for Dorney as I'm not from the area. Maybe something mining related?

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^^^/^^ My point exactly. I can see why people would call RotM and Guardian a dark ride, but defiantly not coasters that are just happen to be indoors.



As for the Dorney one, something mining themed would probably work, kind of like the haunt attraction from KD minus all the controversy.

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According to a recent interview (partially posted at Screamscape.com)

with Matt Ouimet (the CEO), said (more or less)...


As for future themes for these rides, it doesn’t look like Cedar Fair to buy into expensive IP’s from studios… they will continue to explore custom made themes about the interesting and mysterious worlds that lie “underneath our parks”.


So a mining adventure at Dorney sounds perfect.


You never know what's still down there, right?

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I don't consider a coaster that happens to be indoors a Dark ride, but was saying that a typical ride that is classified as a dark ride is essentially a "ride" that is just a big video game. Correct?


honestlyif I am at a park I am not wasting time indoors playing a video game shooting light lasers, I am out on the coasters, but maybe that is just me.

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honestlyif I am at a park I am not wasting time indoors playing a video game shooting light lasers, I am out on the coasters, but maybe that is just me.




Dark rides come in all forms--haunted houses, "wacky shacks," shooting dark rides, dark ride/coaster combos (Space Fantasy at Universal Japan really blurs the line here). Personally, I'm all for more dark rides at parks, if they're well done. On TPR trips, I look forward to quirky dark rides and walk-through attractions as much as I do big coasters.

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