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Dorney Park From NYC?


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Hello, Iv been checking out the bus routes etc from NYC to Dorney Park, and I can't make much sense out of them. I have one day free on my trip in June/July. Could you kindly give me some advise if going to Dorney Park from New York is possible all in one day? and what's the easiest way to get there? After nearly planning my whole trip i'v realised that hiring a car is the easiest thing to do to get around, but I can't being under 25 etc.





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There is no direct bus from NYC to Dorney Park


I think the best strategy is to take a Greyhound Bus from NYC to Allentown. Then you have to take a local bus (LANTA) from the Allentown bus station to Dorney Park.

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I see you're from Germany and you probably expect us to at least have a somewhat inferior public transport system to you but sadly we don't. We really fail in this regard as a country. We get these questions all of the time and always have to recommend renting a car. The only glimmer of hope I can give you is that driving in most places in the US is quite easy and well signposted.

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