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Best Color Scheme?

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This thread is simple. What roller coaster in your opinion has the best color combination? Post a pic after your response so we can see the beauty!

I will start:

Banshee by far has the best color scheme in my opinion. The dark blue and the dark pink/red just rocks my world.


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I'm usually not on the blue bandwagon for many things because they color is used so frequently in all aspects of life, but GateKeeper is just stunning with the choices of blue with the white supports. The color looks great in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. It's nothing catchy, flashy, or striking, but just overall very clean and classy.


If I had to pick a crazy color scheme, this would be my choice. However, I wouldn't want more than one coaster in a park to have this much going on. The image is courtesy of rcdb.com.

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Weirdly, I am generally a creative type but coaster colors don't really matter much to me (looks great but how does it ride!?!?), but I will say that this piece of machinery just looks stunning from every angle. Love the blue and yellow against the green trees.


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I really like Banshee too, Fury is very nice and the new flyer at Nagashima Spaland is very striking. I also quite like the colours on Superman with the red box track, yellow track and blue supports. I'm also a fan of Thunderbird as the orange is very striking but very fitting at the same time. I don't like the colours Merlin normally choose for their coasters as they're typically very gloomy and dull, but Cedar Fair normally pull together a great colourscheme. B&M track really flatters a good colourscheme too.

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