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[RCT3] Magic Peak Jazzland

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^^^ I think using CTR,CFR, CT and CSO's are fine. They are public downloads for people to use. For instance in my park Six Flags Heavens Harbour I used a CT of Batman The Ride because the CT is so much better looking than if I made one using the limits or RCT3, but I used my own scenery design, made my own station, queue line, and took my own screenshots. I never said the Batman CT was my own but when someone asked me how I did it, I just told them that I got from Realtycoon3 and thats its a download. But this guy used someone else's coaster, their custom support work and their station and scenery, everything and then using their screenshots. He never said it was his own, but it looked that way. Not cool.

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This is a completely delusional piece of work. I don't understand anything about you from your website to your other parks. I assumed the pictures for Tango and Enterprise were just being used as promo, as other parks do, but I got very confused from the quality changed dramatically. Then you rethemed a ride just because?


I have no idea what's going on in your mind but what told you this is right?

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