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[RCT3] Talon @ Dorney Park!

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Hello everyone,


I grew up loving Dorney Park. I've recreated many rides throughout the RCT's, but this is by far my best. I guess this is a work in progress and it's so far taken me around 5-6 hours. I used CS, CTR, and CFR. Let me know what you think!


What's that in the background?


It's Talon!


Most accurate recreation I've been able to find!!


That loop!


Overall layout.


This part gives you a headache, but it's all in the fun!


I've started recreating other parts of the park.


Thanks for reading. Please consider giving me input. I hope you enjoyed this first update!

Edited by A.J.
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Top Posters In This Topic

No offense, but as as far as accuracy is concerned this is pretty lackluster. I realize the limitations of RCT3, but you squished the layout down way too much. The zero g roll goes over the station (I realize that this is practically impossible in rct3) which means the immelman and the rasised helix over the entry are on the other side of the turnaround into the station after the brakes. Also, the real station and brake run is much higher off the ground then you have it here. Using google maps would give you a solid reference to help make this more realistic.

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