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Cedar Fair Rankings

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Out of those I’ve be to; also included last visit:

Cedar Point (two days ago, lol)

Knotts Berry Farm (2019)

Kings Island (2018)

Kings Dominion (2015)

Worlds of Fun (2019)


But honestly, I’d still take WoF over 90% of Six Flags parks somedays just because of how well kept it is. I don’t get around to Cedar Fair parks much, and they’re much more expensive for me to visit, but I always have a better time than I do at any Six Flags parks.


This year has been an abnormally, with the first visit to CP in 10 years and also the first visit to WoF in 10 years despite living in Missouri and having family in KC, and Knotts Berry Farm being completely off a whim I when I just happened to be passing the park on an impromptu trip to California a couple hours before closing (and it still tops my list with only a limited amount of time in the park).


But basically, before this year the only CF parks I’d been to in the past 10 years was KD and KI and King’s Island was just last year.

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....Yep, that's how my ranking goes.


But no Knott's Berry Farm?*




*Unless you've never been there, so then this will be a totally pointless post.

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I should probably wait to post since there's only 1 Cedar Fair park I haven't been to, and I'm hitting it next month. But anyways, here's how I rank all the Cedar Fair Parks I've been to.


1. Cedar Point

2. Canada's Wonderland

3. Knotts Berry Farm

4. Carowinds

5. Kings Island

6. Valleyfair

7. Worlds of Fun

8. Dorney Park

9. California's Great America

10. Michigan's Adventure

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1) Cedar Point


2) Carowinds (mostly because of Fury)

3) Canada's Wonderland

4) Knott's Berry Farm

5) Kings Island


6) Kings Dominion

7) California's Great America

8) Dorney Park


9) Worlds of Fun

10) Michigan's Adventure


I haven't been to Gilroy Gardens of Valleyfair.

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With last visit in parentheses


1. Cedar Point (2019): This place is just amazing. The setting, the coaster lineup. Maverick, Millennium Force, and Steel Vengeance would make this my #1 park if they tore down the rest of the coasters.


2. Kings Island (2019): My favorite CF park for atmosphere. The Bat and Mystic Timbers give this one a slight edge over my home park.


3.Carowinds (2019): My home park. Fury 325 is truly amazing. As is Afterburn. Copperhead Strike did nothing to influence my rating but it definitely makes the supporting cast for Fury better. If Hurler ever gets the RMC treatment, Carowinds will probably move into the #2 slot.


4. Kings Dominion (2018): A great park with a great lineup. I just feel that Fury edges I305. The loss of Volcano stings, as it was my favorite coaster in the park. The bobsled coaster is a definite plus for me.


5. Dorney Park (2018): Another great park that, like many others have noted, does not have a standout coaster. It's a shame that it does not seem likely to get one anytime soon.

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1. Cedar Point. Do I need to say any more? And I haven't even ridden Steel Vengeance yet.

2. Carowinds. With the addition of Copperhead Strike, this park has a SOLID top 4.

3. Kings Dominion. I305 and TT are probably the best one-two punch out there. Plus the park is beautiful.

4. Kings Island. A well-rounded lineup with some solid rides but lacks the big standout coaster. Until next year...

5. Knott's Berry Farm. My home park and most visited park. Has a solid ride collection and a great history.

6. California's Great America. A good top 3, but not much else besides that. Can't wait to see this park grow.

7. Dorney Park. Nothing "bad" at this park, but it is simply average across the board.

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