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Photo TR Connyland 2015

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Hi Everyone


Yesterday afternoon I've been visiting Connyland in Switzerland. Some of you might know this park because of their PAX coaster Cobra.


Beyond vertical Lifthill


Cobra is a cool ride, even if it rattles on straight track!


Here it is


...and closer




Nice sealion lagoon


The station of Mammut Tree




the Mammut Tree of Mammut Tree


Worlds "most extreme" Log ride!




I'm getting closer...


...and closer...

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^ya, the problem is also the space, because north of the Park is a little village, west is a Golf court, south a main street. On the east side is some space, but I don't know if this is farm country.


Here I have some photos of Cobra from my visit in 2014







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That is the weirdest cable car I have ever seen but it has fire so it is also the most awesome one I have ever seen!


How does a drop track work on a cable car?


My guess would be the car detaches from the cable when it enters the tree, much like it does when it returns to the station then gets held in positions on the device that does the drop. After that it would then push the car back onto the cable to continue the journey. That is 100% a guess though so there is every chance I'm totally wrong and sound stupider than normal.

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It is unique and makes a lot of fun!

The drop goes so: the Tree is also a middle support for the cable and the wheels where the cable goes over can drop about 2,5ft down. I think it is a hydraulic mechanism. So the whole cable drops 2.5ft down. It is also able to hop up and down quickly and it can tilt sideways.

The capacity is 16 people per gondola/ride

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That is the funkiest shuttle coaster I've ever seen.


And the funkiest cable-car ride I've ever seen!


I thought that was a weird looking shuttle coaster until I saw the video for the cable car ride. Now that takes the cake!

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here is the POV of the Waveslide @ Connyland



PS: I´m so excited to do the POV on Cobra tomorrow! (In the name of TPR!!)

PPS: If somebody wants to join me tomorrow, I will be happy! I'll arrive at 10:12am there with the Bus. I'll stay at least till 2pm. Please join me.

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Thanks for sharing. I've always been intrigued by Connyland and their weird shuttle coaster (and why Switzerland, home of B&M and Intamin, don't really have much in the way of coasters!).

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^no problem


But is there someone who would like to meet me there? The park gave me time from 11:30-12:00 to do the POV and I'm also doing a rider cam.

My freind would also come, if there wasn't his mum! She says no because he has to learn for a test even if we had time to learn in the train and during our lunch. But she still says no!

Please, I don't want to go there alone.

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I went to Connyland again today. Now in the name of TPR! So I could make a POV on Cobra, yay. As soon as it is edited you can watch it on my channel and on TPR's channel!

Mammut Tree was out of order! (Tecnical Problems)

Here are some more photos:


Ohh look, there is a Roller Coaster!


Pirate ship


Nice buildings


Uhhh, it's Cobra


Who wants to take a swing?




Connyland, Again! ;)


Hi kiddie drop tower


The old/new Simulator. Old: building from the old simulator; new: Simulator!

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