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Whats Your Favorite Disney Hotel And Why?

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My vote goes straight to Tokyo and the Miracosta.

I`ve stayed their last week and it blow my mind.

It beats every other Disney Hotel when you like a good location, because the hotel is in the park (DisneySea). And when I say IN the park I mean IN the park (step out your room, take the lift and you stand in the middle of the park, and not like the hotels in Anaheim and Paris where youa´re in the front of the park).


Besides the great location it`s simply beautiful, have big big rooms and some of the best restaurants.


I`ll post some photos of my Japan Trip in the next days, including some MiraCosta photos.

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Oh man, someone beat me to it! Of course the MiraCosta. I like it even more then the Venietian in Vegas. Miracosta is hands-down one of the most beautifal hotels I've ever been to..... anywhere. Some people don't like the 'musuem' snottyness of it all.... but it's so exquisitely beautifal I think those people are insane. To me, it's half the Tokyo Resort experience, and I for one would never stay anywhere else (I'm already booked for September for the TOT opening! )


Also in Japan, the Tokyo Park Hyatt (the lost in translation one) is outstanding. Nothing like being 50 stories above Tokyo.


Yes, both choices are insanely expensive, but you only live once.


As far as Disney hotels at the other resorts, my preference is:

*the weird, minimalist (dare I say, surreal) Disney's Sante Fe in Paris

* Grand Floridian in Florida

* Grand Californian in Anahiem

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I've never stayed at a Disney hotel, and only seen the ones at the DLR, but the Grand Californian definitely seemed to be the nicest...


As an aside, I was just on Google Earth, trying to find all the Hotels in WDW Resort and I was overwhelmed by their property and how spread out everything is. I thought it was more like Disneyland where everything is kind of close and walkable... So much water!

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The remodeled rooms at the contemporary are amazing! They make every other resort at Disney look really bad.


Having worked at the Grand Floridian for a year, the rooms arent really anything to write home about. I could never sleep with that wallpaper


My top 3 would be:


1. Poly

2. Wilderness Lodge

3. Caribbean Beach


Flat screen TV


New Contemporary Rooms

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All Star Music... because it's the only one I've ever stayed at.


I was considering staying at the Paradise Pier hotel at Disneyland for my trip this May... but with the money I'm saving I can put it towards another "out of my time zone" trip.

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Hands down the Contemporary. Ive stayed in both a re-modeled room and it completely blows every other hotel room Ive stayed at away! I love the futuristic and retro style rooms, the fact that the monorail runs right through the hotel, and the fact that Chef Mickey's it right in the hotel lobby!


Colin"otherwise, Grand Floridian is a great hotel aswell"C

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The Boardwalk has been my favorite so far. It had an incredible balcony with views of the Beach and Yacht (partial) and Epcot. Seems like we could have thrown a rock and hit the Eiffel Tower. We really loved walking to Epcot in the morning for breakfast in World Showcase and taking the boat (or path) to the Studios. And with so many other resorts within walking distance (and Epcot), the restaurant choices can't be beat. Location, location, location!


The only negative with The Broadwalk is that it's always last on the bus route. You gotta hit the Swan, Dolphin, Yacht, and Beach before the final stop. That got a little tiring. Although, if you are staying at The Boardwalk on the south side, just get off at the Swan and walk over the bridge. It'll save you 15 minutes.

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The beach/Yacht club


We satyed here both time we went to disney...it's a wonderful Hotel and theres a sand bottom pool , the rooms are ncie if not a bit small. But it's also within wlaknig distance of Epcot, you can take a boat to MGM, a short bus ride to Magic Kingdom, a longer bus ride to Animal kingdom, and right across form you is the borad walk and the flying fish cafe...yum.

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I LOVE the new port bay hotel. It wqas my first disney hotel experience and I enjoyed every minute of it, and I just want to say one thing- the hot chocolate ROCKS!


Although the service was prettey poor, it was a great hotel and our waiter at the yatch club was friendly too.




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Well, when I went to WDW, we stayed at the Contemporary, which overall, I wasn't very impressed with. Lots of construction going on, not the greatest pool, and after all of the monorail stops, so you had to ride it all the way around to get to Magic Kingdom. /rant


Anywho, my favorite Disney hotel is the Grand Californian. Although I've never stayed in it, just walking around in it makes me feel like I'm back in Yellowstone at Old Faithful Lodge (not the middle of a theme park). Great atmosphere and lots of eye candy.


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Tie between Beach Club and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Beach club because of the awesome pool, Beaches and Cream (yum), proximity to Epcot, and laid back feeling. Animal Kingdom because it's really beautiful, we love watching the animals from the balcony, and Jiko and Boma are great. Although, Grand Californian is really close...

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When I was 5 years old in 1979, we stayed at the Poly, which was only about $60 a night, my parents told me as we looked at old photos of the resort recently. I think that is how much the All Star Resorts start at now. On our most recent trips there we have stayed at the All Star Resorts which is a great deal for parents with kids if they want to go to Disney and not spend an arm and leg. Nice rooms, themeing. I stole a comforter from the All Star Music resort. It has pictures of singers and dancers on it. It is SOO warm. I love it! It is on my bed now, my husband hates it, he says it is too heavy, that is why I love it, it keeps me warm on cold nights. I would like to stay at the Contemporary.

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Has, and always will be, Contemporary Resort- My second Disney trip (back in 1989- summer) was at the CR- and I had beyond a blast there, even if it was under heavy renovation at the time. Being able to go from my room to Space Mountain in less than 20 minutes was a great way to spend a vacation there- but then again, I've always been a child at heart.


That and the REALLY REALLY AWFUL decorations circa early 1980's- who could forget orange and purple carpet!

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