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Whats Your Favorite Disney Hotel And Why?

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What is your favorite Disney Hotel and why?


My favorite Disney Hotel is Disney´s Sequoia Lodge in Disneyland Resort Paris. I like the design and the atmosphere there. The forest around the hotel with its big trees. And the magneficent fireplace at the Redwood Bar and Lounge, it is the perfect place for sipping a cocktail and to end a perfect day in DLP.




Disney´s Sequoia Lodge

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This is being posted on behalf of the six year old:


"The one with the dogs"


(We stayed at All Star Movies in June of 01 we were in the Dalmation building. Everytime we went to the Food Court, pool, whatever, we had to stop and pet the little dalmations. A few months later we went back to Orlando, but stayed at a hotel out by the airport because my husband was there for a training class for work. At about 4 a.m. the first night she started shaking me saying "Mommy, mommy, where are the dogs?")


Shari "next time I plan to stay at Pop Century" Shoufler

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Boardwalk - Location, Location, Location. It is in the middle of everything. Walk to Epcot or MGM or walk thru Epcot and hop the monorail to the MK.

The boardwalk itself is cool.


I actually like the Dolphin better but that is not a Disney hotel

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The Contemporary. I like the design of the building and how the monorail goes right through the hotel. Chef Mickey's inside the hotel is a great restaurant and the arcade is huge with a lot of unique video games that are hard to find like F-Zero AX (the game they are missing is DDR and all the other music games from Konami but they do have Pump It Up at least)

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Shari, I can relate to the "the one with the dogs" comment, my 7 yr old would say "the one with the waffles."


I would say that while Animal Kingdom lodge is really awesome, I love the Beach Club because of Stormalong Bay, Beaches and Cream, and the proximity to Epcot and the Boardwalk.


Have fun exploring WDW, Soren!! I stayed at the Newport Bay Club at DLP, and I remember wishing I had booked Sequoia. Next time.

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Resort-wise, I'd definetely choose Wilderness Lodge. Love the atmosphere, and the one time we stayed there, we overlooked the Villas/quiet pool, with soft music being pumped through the speakers nearby. So relaxing.



Now, FOODwise...



1. ESPN Club, Boardwalk. Ask for the Superbowl Sundae and you'll know why.


2. Concourse Steakhouse, Contemporary. Again, ask for the filet mignon and you'll know why.


3. Tie between Ohana's, Polynesian and 1900 Park Fare, Grand Floridian.


Like both of them, especially Ohana's for my self-concocted caramel bread. (I don't eat anything else that I'd dip it with, so the caramel pineapple bread was great! )


P.S. We somehow coined the term "caramine bread" that night... must have been the wee sip of Hawaiian beer I had.

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I don't know what my favorite would be. I guess the order would be:


1. Boardwalk- great location, everything good right there (and a microbrewery!)

2. Wilderness Lodge- Cool theme, not too bad in price

3. Grand Floridian- Beautiful resort, easy to get to Epcot and Magic Kingdom, little too expensive though (unless I'm trying to impress someone who will most likely break up with me 2 weeks later)

4. Coronado Springs- very pretty, spread out, and fairly priced. I'll be staying here next month

5. Animal Kingdom Lodge- neat to be near the animals, great theme, far from everything but Animal Kingdom



The only hotels I haven't stayed at yet are Yacht and Beach Club, Swan and Dolphin, and Polynesian and Contemporary

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Polynesian-Ohana. Nuff said.

Grand Californian-comfy chairs in the lobby.

Port Orleans (either one)- real nice for being a moderate.

Any of the value resorts (I've stayed all All Star Sports, All Star Music, and Pop Century)-WDW transportation+Extra Magic Hours+cheap=awesome!

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Port Orleans French Quarter (I do like Riverside also). I found this resort to be very beautiful and well themed. I enjoyed my stay there and will visit this resort for all my future trips. Plus, the restaurant in Riverside had the best banana stuffed french toast with a strawberry banana sauce

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The Yacht Club Resort (not the Beach Club- I hate their coloring) is my favorite resort from a decor stand-point. Although I have spent some time in their rooms, I have only ever staying in four Disney Resorts (Fort Wilderness, Wilderness Lodge, Disney Village Villas, and the Disney Inn- odd that two of them are gone/changed so you can't stay there).


Camping at Fort Wilderness is actually quit fun, except the sites are sand and it hard to erect a tent. It was better when River Country was still there- and does anyone remember the Fort Wilderness Train?!


I said erect- hee hee hee

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I first stayed in the Polynesian resort on my very first WDW trip, but I'm too young to remember that place.


The Contemporary's always been a favorite of mine, because of the structure, the rooms, the proximity to the Magic Kingdom, among other things. I also really liked the Swan when I stayed there in 1995, but I guess that's not an official Disney resort either.

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I've stayed at The Polynesian, The Contemporary, The Fort Wilderness Camp Ground way back when River Country was still open (my first waterpark), and The Carribbean Beach Resort. I can't really choose a favorite, they all have different things that stand out about them that make them great.

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