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Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

Is Typhoon Lagoon or Bilzzard Beach the better Disney World Waterpark?  

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  1. 1. Is Typhoon Lagoon or Bilzzard Beach the better Disney World Waterpark?

    • Typhoon Lagoon
    • Blizzard Beach

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I will be making a trip down to Florida in about 2 weeks for spring break. In the time down there, we are going to probably hit one of the Disney World waterparks. That being said, I have never been to either of the Disney World waterparks. So my question is Typhoon Lagoon or Bilzzard Beach the better Disney World Waterpark?

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Typhoon-Most relaxing. Better "resort-like" ambiance and atmosphere. Best Wavepool. Less Stairs.


Blizzard-Best theming, Much better slides in comparison to Typhoon, more slides, quality lazy river. Shade lacking on the mountain.


Aquatica- Most modern and well-rounded waterpark in Orlando, best single attraction "Roa's Rapids." Banana Beach cookout a quality quick service deal.


Wet N Wild: Best slides overall. Mediocre atmosphere.

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Typhoon Lagoon! It is a very peaceful atmosphere. I'd get to this park before the opening and head to Crush N Gusher. Hit all three of those quickly and then go to the Shark Tank! VERY AWESOME EXPERIENCE to snorkel at a water park and feels so natural. Then head over to Humungakowabunga. After that go back through the entrance to Humungakowabunga and before you climb the final staircase to the top of Humungakowabunga, head to the pathway to the left and take that pathway over to the Family Raft slide. After doing that you can hit the two single tube slides. After that go back over to the other side and do the 3 body slides. I usually get all of these slides done in an hour or so if I follow that plan. Then I have the rest of the day to relax!!!

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Water Mania!!!!!!


I'd pick Blizzard Beach. The water slide collection is way better and the theming is spectacular. But if you want some top of the line slides, go to wet n' wild.


And if you're really into concrete, go to Wet 'n' Wild.


I kid--Wet 'n' Wild is a very good water park, but Blizzard Beach is more pleasant overall.

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Plenty others have said it best. Both have their strong suits, it all depends on what you're looking for. Also, know that the water at Blizzard is kept a bit cooler than normal (I think it's usually around 65 Degrees, someone correct me if I'm wrong.)


Additionally, I recall hearing something about being able to "park hop" between the two. In that case, DO BOTH! If you do go to both, I would recommend Blizzard first as the line for Summit Plummet can get pretty lengthy early as opposed to Crush n Gusher at Typhoon.

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