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[RCT2] Six Flags Steel City

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Hello all! It's been a few years since I've uploaded anything coaster related so I felt like sharing this park. I actually started the park about 5 years ago and for whatever reason, I never finished it. So, over the last month; I've added new coasters/rides, removed a few old coasters & rides, added more land, more shops and some themeing. I've only used the Wacky Worlds & Time Twister expansion packs and I believe there are 13 coasters crammed into the park:


1. Diablo- Purple/Yellow B&M floorless coasters

2&3. Batman vs Superman - Two Intamin Hyper Coaster (initially was to be dueling coasters but I couldn't get the timing down so they ended up as two coasters enter-twinning with different layouts.)

4. Mistique - White/Purple B&M inverted coaster

5. Riser - Green/Yellow Intamin Twisted Impulse Coaster

6. Biohazard - Brown/Green Woodie

7. Blackout - Black/Red Intamin mega-lite

8. Chokehold - Sangria/Grey B&M dive coaster

9. RuKhan - Blue/Sky Blue Vekoma giant inverted boomerang

10. Amazonia - Green/Purple B&M Sit down (NOTE: I didn't realize I built this coaster using the wrong style...was supposed to be a B&M Hyper but I accidentally used the sit-down twister style...though the layout is still a hyper coaster)

11. Maraj - Tan/Grey Out & back Woodie with a twist.

12. Nitro - Black/Purple Intamin reverse freefall coaster

13. Cobalt - Black/Blue/Red Intamin Sarajevo Bobsled coaster


Take a gander & hope you enjoy!


Screenshot w/cartoon filter


Original Screenshot

Six Flags Steel City.zip

Saved Game zip file

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I like it. No shortage of cool coasters.

Thank you much...I tried to make sure there was a variety of coasters to choose from


Wow... great coaster linup

Why, thank you much, glad you liked the coasters!


Noice coasters you got there! Hope to see more

Thank you much, glad you enjoyed them!

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^ Is Steel City supposed to be Pittsburgh?


Yes sir, of course we don't have a Six Flags park in Pennsylvania so, that is how this creation came to be. I thought, if Pittsburgh were to have a Six Flags park, this is how I'd like it to be lol.

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You could probably find it cheap on amazon.con lol, That's where I bought mine when the original disc broke


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