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TPR in Mexico 2015!

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^Maybe, just maybe, instead of removing it they can do one last ditch effort to hype the fact that its such a unique attraction for an amusement park.


Of course, I can't imagine Alicia being very popular on day to day operations. If visitors want to learn, there's a huge-a$$ zoo right next door.

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Wow, these photos are showing you are having so much fun and excitement at their. After seeing this my wishes are getting strong to be there and have fun. However, we are planning for a family trip for upcoming holidays and already talked with a transporter as nasttransfers for his transport service to us. Hope we will have a great day there. Congrats Robb.

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Holy Lord!!! You guys nailed it, top 5 for sure. We're in Mexico City now. Medusa was SUCH a breath of fresh air. Just incredible, start to finish, and unique! Smooth, insane speed and pacing, well-integrated into the landscaoe, the airtime, at night, lit up, with fright fest fog ... So unbelievably good. And Mexico City is incredible too, we're loving this place. The food is to die for.

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