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TPR in Mexico 2015!

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I totally agree with Robb that Medusa is a top five coaster. I think I'd even call it my #1 woodie, just a tiny notch above Outlaw Run -- and that's comparing daytime Medusa to insane nighttime rides on Outlaw Run. I can't even imagine how awesome Medusa must be at night.


And yes, I'm calling Medusa a woodie. I know it uses I-Box track instead of Topper Track, but screw it, it just FEELS like a woodie, unlike New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Iron Rattler a 6, New Texas Giant an 8, Outlaw Run a 10, and Medusa a 10+. (I haven't ridden Goliath yet.)


Do whatever you can to get down here to Six Flags Mexico. It REALLY IS that good. And with a Platinum Flash Pass, you can ride it ten times with just a short wait inside the station.

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I'm too tired to do a full report right now, but today we did Selva Magica and once again this park proves that for being owned by the same company that owns La Feria, these two parks are NOTHING alike! What a great day we had! We also got to ride The Bullet. This is a coaster I used to ride all the time in the late 90s/early 2000s when I would go back and forth to work in the UK. Then the ride disappeared for about 10 years and everyone assumed it was gone forever, but then re-appeared at Selva Magica a couple of years ago and opened in 2014.


The ride is a one-of-a-kind totally twisted Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. This is a POV of it from 2002 from when it was at Flamingoland in the UK. Today we shot some amazing 4k and 1080p60 video that we will be posting soon! But for now, check out this older POV and some pics from today...














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Yeah, your pictures kick all kinds of ass so far!!! Can't wait to see your POV!


The airtime on Titan is surprising for the small stature of the ride. It's stronger than the bunny hops at the end of California Screamin! (Sorry, I'm from California and airtime is still kind of a foreign concept to me).

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Other than the two Mexico City parks, Selva Magica is the only park on my visit list in Mexico. Other than the coasters and Alicia, I don't know much about the park, but Bullet looks like it would be worth a visit just by itself.

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^ That's good to hear. A lot of the lights that would pop on as you walked by, the beating heart, etc, weren't turned on today. And no, the baby wasn't working either.

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Though Alicia wasn't in the best state of repair (she has some cobwebs to clean out), it was still one of the strangest walk-through attractions I've ever seen. Even if she was a little bit disappointing...


The airtime on Titan is surprising for the small stature of the ride.


...Titan was a huge surprise! It's a very odd coaster that looks like it shouldn't be doing much of anything interesting, when suddenly a pop of ejector air flings your camera strap above your neck and you're darned thankful you have a good grip on the body!


Can confirm that Tornado was operating, Catarina was not (hoping to open by summer), and Jubile was down for temporary maintenance.


Can also confirm that the log flume has water at the end that splashes your boat, decelerates it quickly, that the front lip of the seating area is well padded, and the floor of the boat is not.

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I love the last photo, with Alicia. She looks like She's just biding her time, trying

to figure out... which one of you to EAT first!



Hmmm. Let's see. Who would go good with a nice Blue Cheese dressing?

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Awesome video of Bullet! I'm glad to see that this ride didn't "die". I remember seeing this on a TPR video way back in the day and I was like "WTF, is that thing?!?! I totally want to ride that thing!" Then when TPR went to Flamingoland in 2006 for the first TPR tour I was bummed to realize that the Bullet wasn't there anymore. Hopefully I'll make it down to this part of Mexico so I can enjoy some of these pretty crazy parks!


Jimmy "Arizona is like Mexico minus the roller coasters...and with more Mexicans" Bo

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I don't want to bum you all out too much but the Operations guy told me that Alicia was going to be removed soon. I told him not to because it's so strange and unique and he laughed and seemed to agree so we'll see!


KT didn't get to ride too much new stuff on this trip as Mexico has some really crazy high height restrictions.

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