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TPR in Mexico 2015!

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Here's a quick little trip report from the first day of our trip at La Feria.


I'm gonna be honest here, La Feria's operations leaves a lot to be desired. They run one train on their mobius loop wooden roller coaster, and not one train per side, *ONE* train! Most of the rest of the park the operations aren't much better. Food service is not great either as I ended up waiting 50 minutes for an order of french fries that they accidentally gave to someone else, but still made re-pay for them again or they wouldn't give me the fries! Don't even get me started on the insane height restrictions the park has on lots of rides.


Honestly the park is like the Fuji-Q of Mexico. If it wasn't for the fact that they do have a few unique, classic and fun rides, I'm not sure I'd return back to this park.


The staff are friendly, the park is actually pretty clean, but the operations really are just not great.


Here's some photos...


Here we are! First park of our trip!


The haunted house is actually really decent!


Filled with lots of live actors.


This is the kind of welcome sign I need at our house!


I think this describes the park perfectly! ;)


Here is the woodie running ONE train! And yes, the queue is completely full, they don't even let people down to the station gates until the train comes in and everyone exists.


But the ride does deliver some serious-ass airtime! OMG!


The old Kennywood shuttle loop is really the star of this park, though!


The woodie is very old-school. Bumpy but loaded with crazy air!


It was also an inspiration for the original Colossus at SFMM.


Thumbs up for Garbles leaving shortly after this picture was taken!


We aren't exactly sure what these are...


but they are delicious! Deep fried cheese in only a way that a Mexican park could do it!


Yes, any park that allows you to hold an owl for $3.50 is at least worth visiting just for that!


The owl doesn't look quite as impressed with Caesar! lol


EVIL! EVIL! EVIL RIDE!!! (But I do admit that I sort of liked it!)


And yes, we all survived!!!


It was amazing! Everything was completely retro about it!


Here are the fries that took 50 minutes to get and I had to pay for twice. *sigh* If this park had better operations, it would actually be really good!


This crazy thing was fun! Not as brain-numbing as some of those Intamin looping starships, but still cool!


This, IMO is the real star of the park! Kennywood's old Laser Loop now known as Cascabel! And oddly enough, one of the better operated rides in the park!


The park has lots of other flats and stuff - Condor, Scrambler, Himalaya, etc...


They still have one of those super-old simulators like the one that used to be at Coney Island.


And was bummed that the triple loop was closed this time around. Some of us rode it last time, and I'm sure we'll be here again! More reports coming soon!


Hello from the woodie!


The back car says hello, too.


Played a few games...


This is still one of my all-time roller coaster views!


Some happy smiles on the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop!

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I don't care what kind of french fries those are, but it is not worth waiting 50 minutes...


Or paying twice! Sheesh.


Good times, huh?


Great start to the tour, Robb.

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Cool that you got to ride the Eyerly Loop O Plane. Those are great old-school rides. In your future travels, you want to find the Chalmers gas engine ones—those have a pretty intense "Kick" and sound to them (like a lawnmower engine).


La Feria used to have a Sky Wheel as well, but it looks to have been removed.

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It's a shame that the operations are so poor at La Feria, as I really enjoyed that park on the 2013 tour. It's cool that the Loop-O-Plane was open this time around, though! Great pic, Robb! Can't wait to see more!

The operations were bad in 2013 also. Remember, they only ran one train during most of that day too, and remember how long we waited for the crazy mouse?


There are things at the park that you can enjoy, but it's just so frustrating at the same time. Joey said it best...


Seems like the park has a unique collection of rides. Too bad they don't operate them well.
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On the topic of Montana Infinitum: For those who have been on all of the Schwarzkopf mega loopers (Olympia Looping, WEM's Mind Bender, this, and Tsunami) which would you say is the best?

I would actually put them exactly in the order that you listed them.

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It's a shame that the operations are so poor at La Feria, as I really enjoyed that park on the 2013 tour. It's cool that the Loop-O-Plane was open this time around, though! Great pic, Robb! Can't wait to see more!

The operations were bad in 2013 also. Remember, they only ran one train during most of that day too, and remember how long we waited for the crazy mouse?


I remember the one train on the racer, but I had forgotten about the crazy mouse. Thinking back, I had forgotten how bad the operations were there, and there were several rides closed, too. It's a shame that Infinitum/Triple Loop was closed for you guys. It's such a great ride.

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that woodie looks likes such a legend. One of this rollercoaster pov shotS you'll get in those 80's/90's 180 degrees cinemas that Drievliet used to have.


And about bad operations, feel you there. Had the worst day ever in Port Aventura last November when everything opened 2 hours after opening hours on a busy weekend with only one max two trains running. Employees couldn't organize the fast track neither, leaving lots of spots open with two hour waits. Very frustrating to watch.


Hopefully more luck on your next locations, have fun!!!

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It's a shame La Feria has such bad operations, as that park has enough unique attractions to make it a must visit park for any enthusiast traveling to Mexico City. Montana Rusa is a mobius racer that has six trains (if I remember correctly), so there's no reason to only run one. That's essentially equivalent to a 1/2 train operation.


Anyway, great report! I look forward to seeing where else you go in Mexico so I can get ideas if I end up visiting on my own (though I'd much prefer to join a Mexico TPR tour if another is offered in the future).

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