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Busch Gardens 3/30/2015

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I'm from germany and I'M going to Tampa next week. The last time I have visited Busch Gardens Tampa was the 30. Dec 2012.

On this day very crowded and couldn't ride many rides.

Do you expect similar waiting times on 3/30/2015? In general: What is the best week day to visit BG Tampa?




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Top Posters In This Topic

I was just at the park on Saturday 3/21 and didn't have too many crowds...I am guessing the day you go will see similar conditions. Granted, not everything was a walk on but we were able to do all of the major coasters and the log flume in about 5 1/2 hours (were there from about 2-7:30)


Here's what our wait times were:

Falcon's Fury ~30 mins, around 2 or 3pm

Kumba-two train wait

Log Flume ~45 mins, this was around 4, if you go when it's not as hot I'm sure the line is more reasonable

Sheikra-15 mins

Cheetah Hunt -probably the longest we waited, I wanna say maybe 45-50 mins



If you're getting there at opening definitely knock out Cheetah Hunt first, then if you want to do the water rides, go to them right afterward. Around 5 or so the park will start to noticeably clear out aside from Cheetah Hunt. By mid- to late-afternoon the B&M's are typically walk-ons. Scorpion is only running one train so if you want to do that you'll probably have to wait (had a posted 60-minute wait all day last Saturday) or save it for nighttime. You should have a good time if you use the busiest parts of the day to look at animals and save some of the rides for a little later in the afternoon. All in all there will be crowds most likely but they won't be to the point where you'll have a bad trip. You should easily be able to ride everything within the park's operating hours.

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