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LEGOLAND Discovery Center coming to metro Detroit

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Read about it here.......



The new Legoland discovery center will ocupy the former location of Jeepers.The Jeepers has moved over to Lakeside mall(sterling heights Mi) and is going to reopen this summer.


I think this will be a huge hit at this mall. This is the same mall that just opened a sealife aquarium a few months ago. So far, the aquarium is a huge hit. We went to check it out this weekend, and all tickets were sold out online.

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This caught me by surprise. Jeepers always seemed to be busy whenever I visited the mall. Legoland must have made a very nice offer.


I think Jeepers had a small kiddie coaster in the back. I wonder if that will stay and what else will stay from jeepers.


This it will likely be very popular with all the local families. The wife and I will need to check this out when this opens next summer.

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Jeepers is moving to Lakeside mall, so I don't think they are leaving anything behind. The coaster you are thinking of is the phthon pit as seen here...



The article says that there will be a 4d theater, games, mini land and rides in the new Legoland. If I am not mistaken, I believe that the LDC locations all have a dark ride.

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The locations in Chicago and Boston had the dark ride. It's too bad I wasn't able to visit it per the no adults allowed without a kid rule. I genuinely just wanted to check out the dark ride and Miniland USA.


Good thing I have kids, as I was not aware of the kid rule.

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Straight from the website:


Please be reminded LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston is a children’s attraction. Adults must be accompanied by a child in order to enter the attraction. Please book into one of our exclusive Adult Nights, starting this Summer, if you wish to experience the attraction.


I wonder what the adult nights are like, but that seems like the only opportunity for those of us over the age of 21 without kids.

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Completely spaced on this, but went to the first adult night back in April (?) - adults without children are not usually allowed in, but for these special nights once a month, you basically get free rein over the place with not a child in sight. Total blast. Most importantly, Michigan's only existing permanent dark ride is in here and it's really surprisingly good, and gives Detroit more trackless dark rides than Walt Disney World. There's also one of those Satellite style flats where you need to pedal to stay up in the air and a 4D theater showing the exact same films as at the Legoland 4D theaters in the big parks. And Legos. So many Legos. Also competitions (like high score on the dark ride) for prizes.

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