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I've created a coaster system with my own track and train. On NL2, Schwarzkopf classic looper is the closest system that I can use to represent this system.


Donnerbahn is kind of a mix between Mega-Lite and Infinity Coaster with a new element called Immelmann Floater Dive which gives you a combination of ejector airtime and crazy lateral. Hourly capacity can reach up to 1200pph with three train operation, station design is similar to that of Millennium Force so sufficient load and unload time is guaranteed. 12 airtime moments, 3 overbanked turns, 2 inversions, 2 trick tracks, an underground tunnel and 9 crazy twists are all packed into this compact structure and you won't get a second to catch your breath after the train pulls you down the 100ft tall, 87 degrees first drop at 53 mph. Length of the track is only 3039 ft so imagine how insane the ride is!


As my first NL2 release since I joined NL2 this Janauary, this coaster was originally planned to release on March 31st. But after I started with this project, I realized March 16th will be Edmonton Mall Mindbender's 30th Birthday so I changed the teal and grey color scheme into Mindbender's red, yellow and white then made a few modifications here and there. I will post at least one photo everyday on this thread until the release date. The track will be available on both TPR Game Exchange and NLE, TPR release will be 5 hours earlier.


Please tell me what you think about it! Your review means a lot to me.


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Here are the photos for today!! Right now I am creating queue lines and other details around this attraction. Come back for more exciting updates tomorrow!!


Overall layout of the coaster


Wave Turn!


This is part of the new element.




Brake and maintenance area




Want some intense airtime?


More twistiness!

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^ Looks great! yours seems like more in the B&M direction as I guess it would not give heavy lateral with the highly banked drop, love the twistiness!


Here are today's updates, I finished around 70% of the queue line.


This is so 80's... Or at least I think it is.


As you exit the ride, another train full of satisfied riders just ended their exciting ride.


I set up some turns at the long straight sections to prevent stupid people from running and get hurt.


Want to wait in a line with this view?


Hey there!


As you enter the station, the train enters the tunnel.


Ride operator's view


I swear nobody wants it to look different than I305 than I do! But this is just how Mindbender's color look like!


You know you're at a Six Flags park when...


This is a view exclusive to the Flash Pass users!

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New photos are here! Take a ride on Donnerbahn!


First drop!!!


Final trick track+airtime hill


Welcome back! How was your ride?


Look at what's coming next!


Upside down!




Immelmann Floater Dive gives some airtime and strong lateral!


Corkscrew with "snaps"


Wave Turn into the tunnel!


Trick track



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I had to disable the ride on NLE, apparently those who have commented did not read the description and keep saying the airtime is too much for a Schwarzkopf coaster. IT IS A COASTER CONCEPT I MADE MYSELF!! The last comment isn't even about my coaster, the poster "accidentally" put a Giga coaster's comment on my coaster.


Just proved TPR is a great community, people over there just aren't as responsible and considering.

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^NLE aggravates me so much. There are some amazing designs on there and I love the inspiration I've got from it, but I'm absolutely sick of my designs being judged negatively because I don't use custom scenery. I'd make an excellent coaster, and even with a smooth track and solid support work, my scores would be low because I chose to focus on making a good COASTER rather than sharpen my sketchup skills. Ridiculous.

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