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[RCT2] CPGemini08's layouts over the years

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Hi everyone

So I don't post here often, but I wanted to see what everyone thought of my layouts that I use in my parks when I find time to play RCT2. Side note, I am not very good at scenery, and I generally don't aim to be. I just like to add queues to my layouts and watch people ride them. Enjoy!


B&M Standup




Polar Coaster


B&M Hyper


B&M Invert


B&M Twister (I guess)


Intamin Wooden Coaster


GG coaster


attempt at RMC dueling


B&M Floorless


B&M Family Invert


Dinn & Summers (possibly) Out and Back


larger B&M Invert


Arrow looping


GCI Wooden shuttle (reverse lift)


Water coaster




B&M Hyper


GG small


RMC (Texas Giant similar)


GCI (I like diagonal lifts)


Out and Back GCI


Let me know what you guys thinks!




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Your layouts seem fine. I especially like the b&m inverts. You mentioned scenery is not important to you. However, scenery is one of the key points of a ride. It really help the realism of the ride and even the layout. Just something as simple as a station and a themed queue would give opportunities for fly-bys, more realistic elements,etc. Great layouts, would be even better with a few thematic elements (hope I worded that correctly).

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The layouts are nice in their own right, however realism and a sense of scale is severely lacking it seems. Try and look at some real life layout and replicate their style and flow in game, practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to this.

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