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Photo TR: Chuangyi Future City Amusement Park (3/8/2015)

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I woke up this morning and made it out to Shenzhen's Pingshan district to visit a park that opened almost two years ago. The park is called Chuangyi Future City Amusement Park and it was built as part of a complex that features a shopping center. Sadly, the park could be called Chuangyi Dying City Amusement Park as the mall is now mostly dead, except for a supermarket and a small ladies clothes shop and the park has no room to grow and doesn't attract very many people. The park is located so far out from the city of Shenzhen that most people in Shenzhen have not heard of it. There are several parks in Shenzhen with good transportation links. Chuangyi Future City is not one of them. It could best be described as Shenzhen's own version of Amazing World, except that when the mall at Chuangyi Future City opened, it actually had many stores (it doesn't now). There are 10 rides at the park including a standard jungle mouse coaster that I rode twice. I like this particular brand of mouse coaster and that is a good thing as this particular model is found at parks all over China. There is a giant Ferris Wheel here too. This park, while it does have its good points, has a few bad points. First, there are no direct buses to the nearby train station. There are city buses into Shenzhen, but they will take a long time to get to the city. It is not an easy place to get into without going on the bullet train to Shenzhen Pingshan Station, being @$$ raped by a private driver (over twice the cab fare) in order to get to the park and the fact that the park seems like it was not built to last. The park is about half the size of Stricker's Grove's midway. For those who have been to Stricker's Grove, that should give you a clue as to how small this park is. Those factors, plus the location of the park being so far out from city will probably doom the park. I can honestly see the park not existing next year. There were many shops in the mall and sadly, they have all closed. The park and the mall opened on March 22, 2013 and now, almost two years later, the mall is dead. If the clothing shop closes or the supermarket closes, that is it for this place. I doubt the rides would continue to operate. In any case, the coaster here was one of 262 that I found before RCDB and ACE. Chuangyi Future City Amusement Park became park #427 for me to visit and the coaster here became coaster #904 for me.


I have arrived at Shenzhen's version of Amazing World. Chuangyi Future City Amusement Park was built as part of a mall that opened two years ago. The mall is almost totally dead now.


Chuangyi Future City Amusement Park is a small park here that has a basic collection of rides-10 in total.


Every park should have one of these.


This is the biggest ride in the park.


The pirate ship seemed to be popular with visitors.


A Chinese made mouse coaster is here. It is a good thing I like this particular model.


The mouse is at one end of the park. The building you see in the background beyond the Ferris Wheel is the opposite end of the park.


Here is the mouse in action.


Here is a photo from my first ride on the mouse to finish up the TR.

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