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Ember Lake

The park is an american park inspired by the aesthetics of a european theme park. "The theme park of tomorrow"



The park was conceived in the early 2000's the perfect time to invest in a park with all of today's newest technology to ensure a great park experience for everyone; from ages 4-75. The park itself takes up a corner of a great lake: 200+ Acres for this mega-park (I'll let you use your imagination). Having a total of 15 coasters, FIFTEEN!



I created the park wanting to use predominately original RCT3 Platinum scenery. You'll find hints of custom scenery. I will post updates of sections of the park, I made this park about 4 months ago, so after 6 replies I'll continue the park tour. I saved a section of the land for future updates/construction/expansion of the recreation area in the future. So please tune in and give me your thoughts!


Ember Lake Logo


The park entrance pavilion, inspired by the LACMA urban lights


The modern day stonehenge, giant pillars create a great instagram-worthy shot


Ember Lake entrance gate


As soon as you get your RFID wristband scanned (which can also be loaded with cash for easy pay throughout the park's vendors and shops) you're greeted by the entrance garden -- and the massive intamin drop tower "Mayday"


Again, this park is made for instagramming.


Directly to the right of the entrance there is an organic burger restaurant named Modeaux, with outdoor dining next to the park's B&M invert


Look to your left you will find the park's most intense ride "Oblitorate" B&M's greatest creation since nemesis. A wing rider on crack




The beginning of the ride features a swooping drop, a first for wing riders, a zero-g roll into a high speed turn and a cliff dive. The intensity.


Look to the right of the entrance again, behind the coffee shop is "Protocol" and it's massive cobra roll.




Behind mayday is a family friendly Polyp ride that came all the way from Germany


Down the main entrance plaza on the left is the park's RMC "Ole' Thrasher"



The station was designed to interact with the people in line


This RMC doesn't feature any inversions but packs a huge punch with crazy airtime


The ending of the ride, and a chairswing nestled nicely around the final curve.


Continue down the main entrance plaza and you'll find a hidden super loop behind the trees


Keep making your way down and you'll find this.. what is it?


Reminder: I will post an update/new section after 6 replies. Please note on what direction you want me to head in!

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