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USC/Disneyland/Knotts/Vegas & Oscar The Grouch

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Well just back from our trip to the West Coast, probably favourite coasters was Xcelerator at Knotts and the one that flips you at Six Flags. Although Batman was pretty cool as well I actually found Superman a bit of a let down.


Most scary were the two new rides at the Stratosphere in Vegas, but maybe I just don't like heights


Photos at http://www.mccormackj.fsnet.co.uk , click on the September 2005- San Francisco/Santa Barbara/Anaheim Parks/Palm Springs/Barstow/Las Vegas link for the normal pictures... however if you are a fan of Sesame Street you might want to click on Oscar The Grouch's link


Hope to get a trip report done over then next few days...




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I love these kind of Photo TRs. It looks like you guys had a really good time.

I went ahead and posted one picture from your TR to give a little bit of a teaser so people can see what to expect when they click over to other other site.


Oscar does Jaws.

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Fun photos. My brother did something like this with a stuffed bird when he went to Hawaii many years ago.


On another topic, until a year ago, I had no idea what Teletubbies were. I had heard of them, but that was it. Last year, we were sharing our Outer Banks house with some of Mary's family, which included a one year old. They put the TV on in the morning for the kid, and after about fifteen minutes of Teletubbies, I decided that porn would be less harmful. I could not believe that this was supposed to be "educational". Of course I didn't suggest that out loud, though I did suggest that it was never too early to get kids watching Sports Center and/or Cold Pizza in the morning...





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Thanks everyone, all your kind words makes getting all the funny looks from the locals worth it


You did alot of stuff on the West Coast that even west coast natives don't ever do. Helicopter tour of Grand Canyon, etc.


Well, I think it's because we are from Europe and getting to America is a bit of a long trip, so we try and fit as much as we can in when we go. One thing we had booked but was cancelled because of the weather was the Acrobatic Experience at Las Vegas, which I'm sure you Coaster fans would love as you pull a lot of G's on it http://aerobaticexperience.com/


though I sort of wished Oscar did more of it, instead of those "other" stuffed toys. Although, Pal Mickey did get my favourite caption: "Pal Mickey does Mickey."


Well I had promised the guys on the Pal Mickey site that I would swap for Mickey in the Disney Parks. The reason the Korn doll did Siegfried & Roy is because he's our cat's favorite toy


I have to second and third everyone's sentiments, your pics are awesome, very novel idea. I might have to steal it and make it my own, giving you full credit of course. I'm kidding.


It's OK, it wasn't my idea, it was inspired by the "Donkey Does F1" website that the Jaguar F1 team did last year. Unfortunatly most of the site was deleted when the team was sold but some bits are still online. Since this site likes Donkeys, Have a look at

http://www.donkeydoesf1.co.uk/Brazil/Race%20Day/page_01.htm & http://www.pitstop.com.my/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1126



Dennis, have you not got the other TT's, Tinky Winky must get lonely





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