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What is your Favorite Donut?


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...Then there's this one which is a permanent fixture during Playland's season, as well as the PNE.

You pass it, just before heading to Coaster....and mini golf, lol. Covered Arcade is the other direction.


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,,,And then we found this one, last night, on the PNE grounds, where the CHINESE LANTERN FESTIVAL ~ http://www.pne.ca ~ is happening.

I think this one shows up at our annual fair, as well as the others. So that's 3 so far I've discovered, who make mini-donuts at The Fair.


As well as a dozen (or so) places I've found, that serve CORN DOGS as well!

I'm think I'm going to do a taste challenge for those, at next year's PNE, yum!


And they were doing Deep Fried Oreos, too!

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I just saw a pic of the list of VooDoo Doughnuts at WDW Disney Springs, that Robb took and posted...



Thanks for the photo, Robb. Can't stop drooling. And I'm still surprised that they still list, and that anyone would want, a Plain Cake donut.

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Changing mine right now to the Bacon Maple Bar at Voodoo Doughnut. Got to try it out at the CityWalk Orlando location, and HO-LY JEEZUS. You people in Portland have it good. I am now a firm believer that good things definitely come in pink boxes.

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I'm somewhat of a traditionalist.




White Icing

A shit load of sprinkles


It seems like the basic bitch combination by today's standards, but as a kid born in 1985 it was pretty cutting edge in the 90's.

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Every year during our Pride time in Vancouver, somebody always creates a Pride Donut to sell during a few of the events, including our Parade, which happens on the first Sunday of August (04th this time). The proceeds go to "A Loving Spoonful" in Vancouver.


This one looks great! And only $5 Cdn. Yum! Too pretty to eat, really.


Ooooooo menage-a-trois? (o;

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Not exactly donuts, but hey - still pretty nice stuff. Two pairs (of an original 3 prs)

of macarons we got from our Granville Island Market shop, Bon Macaron.


Very fresh. Flavorful, too. http://www.bonmacaronpatisserie.com/


Left: Orange Mango. Right: Candied Pecans. A box of six = $9 cdn.

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This is the thread this should have gone into. It was an ad in our Safeway food flyer, a few weeks ago.


We got a half dozen. And it turns out they were nothing more than cinnamon and sugar donuts, but 'twirled'. i.e. the ones on the right.

We were not that impressed with them. Probably should have tried the pumpkin ones, instead. 🍩

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Been awhile, but honestly, I think the one that always melts in my mouth ..... the French Cruller.

I just love them, even though they are fairly light and 'airy', and not as "thick" as other donuts are.


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