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How much fun is a Zamperla air race ride?

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They are really fun and intense rides. Judging from the number of parks buying them it also sounds like they are a big hit. You do experience a lot of hang time if your car slows down quite a bit while upside down and you feel a lot of positive g-forces when the cars keep swinging.


I also love the lighting package of the one I saw at the Bloomsburg Fair this past year as it really stood out on the midway:


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The one at Tivoli was pretty intense. And fun. I enjoyed it.

(And I am not too great with flats that spin, and go upside down, etc. And check my age, lol!)


Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. (TPR 2014 Scandi Tour)

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For most enthusiasts, "scary" is rarely a relevant term; that is typically associated with a fear of one's safety, and since most of us know how disgustingly safe amusement rides are if you follow instructions, few rides are scary.


In terms of intensity, they are moderately so. But the maneuvers are quite unique, so it is definitely a very fun experience. I have been on a couple, and they are definitely great.

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Got to ride the one at Lagoon last summer and I can definitely say that they're fun. They're only intense if you find disorientation intense, but I don't, so it was actually kind of a relaxing ride. OTSRs are a little uncomfortable and there's a goddamn piece of plastic for head comfort behind you, but otherwise it's a near perfect ride. Second best flat at Lagoon next to Samurai IMO and there's not a whole lot else to say about them.

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