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Mega Cedar Point Winter Chill Out Photo Report!

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Sounds like it would be ripe for purchasing by a larger operator who could finish the renovations.


I tend to think that there's too much competition in the area for it to work as anything but low budget. In a way, it being a hot mess is probably the most sustainable way to go about things unless something dramatic changes.

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^ I guess on the plus side, it's still better than Rain.


Yea...rain was tiny.


Again, the maui sands Waterpark was not that bad...just the hotel part was crappy. The park is good for the money. They were charging something like $20...much cheaper than Kalahari. Plus the lines were not nearly as bad as they are at Kalahari.

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I walked around Maui Sands last year and it was uproariously bad. The whole complex is a frankenstein's monster where an existing hotel was retrofitted into a water park resort. I found pictures online of that huge room with the pool tables being an indoor pool. As of last year, the rooms there were largely under renovation with layouts taped to the windows. A hallway off from that led to all this stacked construction material and chain link fencing. There's tons of essentially abandoned stuff sitting around and tape over signage pointing to things the water park resort never restored after it reopened. Oh, yeah, so it was closed for like 2-3 years and at one point former NFL running back Jamal Lewis was apparently interested in reopening it. There's that too.


Personally, I'd pay like $80 to stay there with the water park included. The layout of it is so bad, the amenities so weird and messed up, like...comparing it to the Trop in Vegas is criminal. It is actually far weirder than that.

Mind sharing that picture on here or adding a link to it? Was it a website with a bunch of old picture of the resort? If so, please share it.

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