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DelGrosso's adding new ride and bigger waterpark

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Looks like the park is adding a new flying carpet style ride, and a large waterpark expansion. This is the largest investment in park history. Read about it all here....



Looks like this little park is heading in the right direction. I wonder when they plan on building the corkscrew ride?


I searched for another topic on this, but did not see one. If this has already been discussed I am sorry.

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As awesome as a lazy river and a wave pool can be, it will probably be kinda boring without any slides!

The new waterpark is an expansion to the current one which already has five waterslides.

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^ I think it was just a quiet announcement, Larry. The Quasar was new last year (named Music Express) and this year it's off the website and I saw a photo post on their Facebook page that the new ride is going in it's place. (as it shows an empty lot). The Quasar wasn't a very good addition last season (IMO), as it did a similar ride cycle to the Chance Casino. Plus, both of these back-to-back A.R.M. rides seem to be Trailer-racked, which also makes me think that they may be temporary. (though that doesn't necessarily mean that)

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^ I think it was just a quiet announcement, Larry. The Quasar was new last year (named Music Express) and this year it's off the website and I saw a photo post on their Facebook page that the new ride is going in it's place. (as it shows an empty lot). The Quasar wasn't a very good addition last season (IMO), as it did a similar ride cycle to the Chance Casino. Plus, both of these back-to-back A.R.M. rides seem to be Trailer-racked, which also makes me think that they may be temporary. (though that doesn't necessarily mean that)


OK, got it. When I stopped by the park last summer Quasar looked great with its paint job.

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For a small park like DelGrosso's, the waterpark expansion is a HUGE investment. I'd bet the ARM rides are a less expensive way to keep dry park patrons happy by always having something new while most of the money goes to the expansion. It would not surprise me to see a different ride in the spot in 2016 as well.


Just speculation on my part...there seems to be a lot of uproar on social media about the removal of the mini golf course (especially compared to the go-kart track which is also leaving). Part of the expansion includes new park offices at the entrance gates, which I'm guessing will replace the current one in the old bank building on the rides side of the road. I could see them demolishing that once the expansion is complete and building a new mini golf course there, as it has always been one of the more popular attractions at the park. The driveway to the pavilions also cuts off the bank building from the rest of the park and anything else on that plot of land (such as a ride) would be pretty awkwardly isolated.


I'm also curious to see how the completion of the new waterpark affects Lakemont just down the road.

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This year, DelGrosso's debuted an ARM rides "Rock Star" model, fittingly named "Rock Star", and is currently buildings its largest investment ever, a $12.5M expansion of the park's already-solid waterpark, Laguna Splash.

The full park press release, with the park's provided photos and artist's renderings, are below:

Tipton, PA – The Owners and Management Team of DelGrosso’s Amusement Park are excited to announce two very large investments in the growth and expansion of the area’s premier water and amusement park.




New Ride Coming to the Park in 2015 – The Rock Star


Park guests will get to enjoy a new ride in the park. The Rock Star will be placed in the park beside the


“La Famiglia Gift Shop”. Offering a new thrill element, the half-million dollar ‘Rock Star’ will join the park’s other 30 rides and attractions.


“Guests are constantly asking us to bring bigger, more thrilling rides into the park,” says Scott Crider, Vice President of Operations at DelGrosso’s. “The Rock Star is a spectacular thrill ride that elevates riders 55' above the midway, on top of a flying platform,” says Crider. Attached to a swinging arm that looks like the neck of a guitar, The Rock Star gives riders a unique free-fall experience as the platform whisks toward the ground after making a full circular, clockwise motion. The ride is complete with a spectacular LED light show and will seat 22 riders.


“This has been a popular ride for other parks around the country and we look forward to bringing The Rock Star to DelGrosso’s to kick off our 68th year in the family entertainment business,” says Crider. The Rock Star is manufactured by ARM, Inc. in Wintersville, Ohio.


2015 Park Pricing


An All Day Fun Pass for the 2015 Season will be $19.95 in June, July and August. May and September pricing for the All Day Fun Pass is $16.95. The All Day Fun Pass allows unlimited access to all rides, including the water park when in season. Guests who do not wish to ride or enter the water park can still enjoy Free Parking and Free Admission into the ride park.




Water Park Expansion Project Set to Open in 2016


Ground breaking will take place in early 2015 for a water park and front entrance expansion project that is expected for completion by Memorial Day Weekend 2016. This $12.5 million project is the largest in the Park’s 68 year history.


A new wave pool and lazy river will be added to the current Tipton Waterworks and Rapids Water Park. The entire water park will get a new name and theme. “Laguna Splash” will be an Italian themed water park. In addition to the new wave pool and lazy river, guests will enjoy various Italian themed water features like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, tipping buckets and vases, and various other interactive water features.


Studies show that water is a big draw for family fun, as more guests are able to participate in water activities. The Laguna Splash Water Park will offer something new, to bring guests of all ages to the park to enjoy a longer stay.


“Our family has been committed to expanding and improving the park for 68 years. This next step shows our customers that we are continuing that commitment to making new improvements, while providing high quality food and entertainment in a clean, safe and friendly environment, which was my grandparents’ mission statement for the park,” stated Carl Crider Jr., Park President.


In keeping with the DelGrosso Family tradition of high quality food, the new water park expansion project will also include three new food venues. These include an Italian themed pasta area that will feature sauces from DelGrosso Foods and other Italian specialty dishes. A new steak shop will carry Philly-style cheesesteaks, and a grill building, which will be located on an island near the lazy river, will feature char-grilled chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs.


Lazy River


328,123 gallons of water; 22,070 square feet of water surface area

1,178 linear feet long (close to a ¼ mile)

2.4 feet deep

Will include the Leaning Tower of Pisa



Wave Pool


311,500 gallons of water; 14,604 square feet of water surface area

Zero entry to 6 feet deep



Expansion Buildings


New Entrance

New Ticket Booths

New Park Office


Changing Rooms

Customer Service Office

Gift Shop

3 New Food Venues

Pasta Station

Steak Sandwich Shop

Grill Building





Job Creation


The expansion project is expected to create approximately 100-130 seasonal jobs in addition to the current 550 seasonal employees that the park hires each year. Roughly half of the new employees will be lifeguards for the water park expansion. In preparation for the expansion, three full-time employees have already been added to the staff and one more full-time employee will be added once the new addition is open.




2016 Park Pricing


DelGrosso’s Amusement Park will still remain a Free Parking and Free Admission Park. Guests will be able to walk into the ride park, but will not be able to enter the water feature areas without paid admission. The All Day Fun Pass, that will include both the water park and rides, will be $29.95 in June, July & August. An All Day Fun Pass in May & September will be $21.95 and includes the water park when in season. DelGrosso’s Amusement Park will continue to have one of the lowest admission costs to comparable parks around the state.




Fair pricing is very important to the DelGrosso Family and Management. “My grandfather even included the words ‘fair pricing’ in his mission statement 68 years ago, and we are going to honor that by keeping the Free Parking and Free Admission into the ride park,” says Carl Crider, Jr. Also, guests will still be able to use the $3 and $5 off coupons that are offered through DelGrosso Sauce Jars and Marianna’s Fundraisers products. “We do understand that there is an increase in our All Day Fun Pass, but the new park enhancements will still be providing great family fun at a great price,” says Crider.




Another added bonus, especially for local guests, is that the price of an annual Season Pass ($79.95) will not increase for the 2016 Season. “The Season Pass has always been a great value, and that will continue,” says Carl Crider, Jr.




Construction Time Line


Construction for the new water park and park entrance will begin in early 2015. This will mean a new temporary entrance will be in place for the 2015 season. Construction zone signs will be up around the park helping to direct park guests.


The current water and ride park will still be in operation for summer of 2015, but guests will have to pardon the appearance of the construction areas. This large project will require construction work to be completed during the summer of 2015 and throughout early 2016. The existing Go-Kart Speedway Track and Miniature Golf Course will be removed to make room for this new and exciting water park expansion. Opening is planned for Memorial Day weekend of 2016.

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I stopped in at DelGrosso's for a couple hours on Sunday. Rock Start is great, my first of this ride type since 1001's been down so long (still is, btw). Good enough for a couple rerides as there was no line (though the park did seem pretty full).


Waterpark expansion is absolutely HUGE. It looks as if it will more than double the overall size.



Lot of water = lots of pipes



This gives you an idea how much bigger this side of the park will now be.


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