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Hmm--looks like they made a few changes to that railway since TPR was there in 2011.



Yes, the main barrier between you and a horrible injury or death itself was a plastic chain!


Scenic World is a beautiful place, and I wouldn't mind returning there someday.

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Hey TPR!


With this update, my Australia adventure comes to an end! Since I have visited many other non theme park related places in Australia, this update is covering my last theme park visit in Australia. I took an internal flight from Sydney to Perth where I visited my friend Adrian, who is also here on TPR!. We went to Adventure World, which is a small theme park that also has a water park! They recently added the new Gerstlauer coaster Abyss! I'm sorry for all the Gerstlauer fans out there, but the OTSR are very bad! So much head banging! However, the layout of the coaster is quite interesting and I really loved the airtime hill! It came out of the nothing and I was totally surprised about so much airtime! As I said, the park is very small and doesn't offer too many thrilling attractions. I loved that the park was hilly! I don't know why, but it gave the park its charm. It was very hot that day, so we enjoyed spending some time doing the slides at the water park! Don't forget to ride the cable car from the top of the mountain! You get a great view from up there and it goes directly over the swimming pool! Don't jump into the water from up there though! Keep in mind that they don't accept international credit cards, even though it says Visa! Thanks to my friend, I was able to pay with his money, but if you intend on visiting the park, brin some cash! I crashed their system twice and it didn't work! That's actually a bad thing and the park should really work on this issue! How are internationals supposed to pay there?!


Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my trip report and got inspired for your next travel to Australia! Can't wait for future trip reports!


Welcome to Adventure World!


It looks good!



That's where the train goes! Really?


Gerstlauer though!


Typical Gerstlauetr first drop!


Looks steep!


Let me test this first!


Blue sky and roller coasters!




Looks interesting!


Watch your head!


I LOVE those old school free fall towers!


Reminds me of German fun fairs!


Yup, they even have a waterpark!


The park seems to be in the middle of nowhere!


Cable cars!


The program was actually pretty decent!


I look like a tanning victim!

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Awesome photos!


I agree about the Gerstlauer OTSRs. Canobie's Untamed is a great ride, but it's hard to ride it more than 3-4 times in a row. I'm glad they seem to be moving towards lap bars on some of their newer ones.


For the final ride photo, is that a Power Surge? I've never seen one without the typical colors and adorned with the words "Power Surge" on the side.

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Hey Marcel, I think I worked on Magnum with you my last, or one of my last, days at Cedar Point. Small world.


Looks like you have gotten to do quite a bit of traveling recently. Enjoy the rest of your adventure.


Really? What's your name? The theme park world is very small!


Thank you guys for your kind words! Appreciate it!

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