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Hey TPR!


Since Germany was too cold in January, I traveled all around the world to visit my friend in Australia! You're right! This trip report is all about the country down under! So, be prepared for lots of Kangaroos, Koalas, snakes and of course some COASTERS! I mean, some parks like Europa Park in Germany were still open when I traveled to Australia, but it was way too cold and riding roller coasters in the sun is by far better than freezing in Winter Wonderland! Also, I came back from the United States where I worked at Cedar Point for one season and I had 2 months until school started again, so I grabbed the opportunity and continued traveling!


When I planned this trip, I compared airfare and somehow Emirates was the cheapest. I paid around $1700, which is a very good deal when traveling overseas, especially to a country that is by the end of the world, so I took all my saved up money and spent it on that ticket that got me access to one of the nicest airlines I've ever flown with! Not only is Emirates a very luxurious airline, but also an airline that has TONS of A380-800 airplanes! For those of you wondering what this dude here is talking about: the A380-800 is the BIGGEST passenger airplane out there. It has two levels and if you put it next to a regular airplane, it looks GIANT! Whenever you have the chance to fly on one of these, go for it! It doesn't feel like flying at all. Traveling to Australia took me almost one day. I had a flight from Frankfurt to Dubai, which took about 6 hours and then another flight from Dubai to Sydney, which was about 13 hours. If you're traveling to Australia, be aware of long flights! But hey, you have on board entertainment, so it's not too bad!


When I arrived in Sydney, my friend picked me up at the airport and we drove to his place where I stayed until I flew to Perth where I visited another friend of mine! I arrived around 10pm and I was not tired at all, thanks to this so called jet lag :/ However I had to go to sleep, because my body had to get used to the new time zone. The next morning my friend's mom took me to Toronga Zoo, which is right by the harbour of Sydney and gives you a STUNNING view of the city! I haven't seen anything so beautiful in a while. The combination of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and the Ocean was just perfect! It looked even better in real life, so I don't know if my photos can reflect what I've seen! I tried my best to capture many great photo moments and I hope you will enjoy all of them! Taronga Zoo has a cable car which takes you from the top (or bottom) of the zoo to the other part of the zoo! It's amazing since you get nice views from up there as well!


Enjoy my trip report about Australia!


Welcome to a world of poisonous animals!


The view was incredible!


Classic Taronga zoo shot!




I'm such a cultural credit whore!


That's why I flew all around the globe, to see a REAL Kangaroo!


And some sea lions, which I have seen enough by now!


I'm gonna kick your A$$ if you come to close!


Postcard photo!


Sky Safari is was great!


More photos, before...




It's time for Taronga Zoo!


This snake is even worse than the spider! It can kill 200,000 mice with one bite!


I love the spiders!


Countin' money all day! Their money looks like monopoly money though!


I'm going to Australia! Wohoooo!


Look at my fancy passport!


I'm flying with an A380-800!


Good that I have on board entertainment, because it's a LONG A$$ flight!


This wing is never-ending! HELP!


That meal was so fancy that it had a menu!


Landed in Dubai!


YAY! Airport credit!


Okay, seriously, I need some wine now!


This plane though!


Airplane food isn't that bad anymore!


Welcome to my home! Have a seat and fly around the world!


I made it to Australia!


And then it's time for the Australian version of Mc Donald's: Maccas!


But first, let me have some Australian breakfast! Weet-Bix!

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Yay for food, animal, alcohol & coaster reports....looking forward to more of this trip, Marcel!


I think it would be cool to go to a zoo in Australia mainly because of all the crazy spiders, snakes, crocs...and of course, sharks that they have in their native country. They certainly have a lot of bad ass creatures that I would not want to encounter in any place other than a zoo in that country!

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Welcome back to my Australian adventure!


I'm very happy that you liked my TR so far! So let's continue traveling around Australia and have a look at one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen in my entire life: GARIE BEACH! Whenever you are in Australia you HAVE TO go to Garie Beach and do the cliff walk there! It is absolutely STUNNING and something you don't experience every day! Since my friend lives in Australia he knows all these places and I was able to get to know REAL Australian culture and life. It was awesome!


So, when you parked your car at Garie Beach, the first thing you need to do is walking along the beach before you climb up the rocks to be on top of the world, LITERALLY! It looks like a crazy hiking thing, but honestly said it isn't. Take your time and walk up all the rocks that function like stairs. Don't look back while going up, because the view is so beautiful that you should wait until you're on the top. From there you can walk through bushes before you get to the cliffs that are RIGHT next to the ocean. If you're not careful, you can fall down! I'm sure it happened before though! However, the walk is awesome and being in nature is an incredible feeling. The beauty of nature is still in our world, just a long travel away, no just kidding. There are many places in our world that look incredible. Since I mostly travel for coasters, this was an absolutely fantastic experience that I will never forget! We even got to see some animals along our way! Don't freak out like me, because it's just a normal thing out there! When we got to the cliffs we had lunch next to the ocean, which was again AWESOME! You can get great photos up there, so don't forget you camera. The walk takes around an hour to an hour and a half each way. There are no toilets or anything like that up there and be sure to have enough food and water with you!


I hope you enjoy the awesomeness of Australian beaches and I can't wait to show you the rest of my adventure!


Somewhere in the middle of nowhere!


Look at this beach!


So wonderful!


Just amazing!


Is this real?


Sure we are in Australia? Looks like Africa though!


Ooopps! Hopefully no crazy animals out there!


That's how the walk up to the cliffs looked like!


This view is stunning!


There's the ocean!


That's where we came from!


Hey Garie Beach!


Break time!


Those bushes looked weird!


If you have an enemy, throw them in that bush!


Where's the ocean?


Ah, there it is!


Hey ocean!




What does this remember you of?


YAAAAS my friend the ocean!


My name is Marcel, the Jungle expert!


There it is!


I heart Australia!


Hey guys! Up in the air!


I just love this view!


HELP ME! I'm scared!


Made it!


Yup, we saw some animals!


This one scared me because it was suddenly there!


Good sign! We made it back!


Safari time!


Don't leave me here!

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Every day that involves a Marcel trip report is a good day. You could post a trip report from the DMV and somehow make it fun.


... That's not to say these aren't great pictures though because they are, I'd never heard of Garie Beach but it's now on my bucket list.

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Another day, another Australia update from me, Marcel the shell!


I hope I'm not boring you with all the landscape photos, but I promise you that there will be some roller coasters soon! I just think that Australia has to be presented with many beach photos, since their beaches are so beautiful!


One of my favorite beaches is Manly beach! The waves there are incredible! I will never forget the day at Manly, because there was a minor incident that day! I just say SHARKNADO! We got right out of the water and were going back to our place when we heard a siren. Lifeguards were telling people to get immediately out of the water because they had spotted a shark! I have never seen people going out of the water so quickly! It's a very great job the lifeguards did there. I also haven't experienced any shark evacuation or anything similar, so this was really one of these things that I can cross from my bucket list! Experienced it, never need to experience it again! Manly Beach is way more touristy, but in a positive way! The atmosphere is just amazing! I can highly recommend going to Moo burgers at Manly Beach. It's one of these Aussie burger chains that serve kind of healthy and good quality burgers! Their restaurant is on the first level and their patio is facing the ocean side, so you'll have a great view during lunch! Just stunning and delish! We also had some ice cream at Gelatissimo, which is so yummy! It's expensive (what isn't in Australia), but well worth it and you don't it eat every day!


So, put on some swim shorts, your Ray Bans, turn on the heater in your room and feel a little bit like an Aussie when watching my photos!


Welcome to Sydney!


Let's go on a cruise!


Have you ever seen TWO selfies in one?


Cultural credit: Sydney's Opera House


Sydney from far away!


I heart Aussieland


Moo Burgers! Ready for food?


Look at this view!




May I present you the Aussie way of burgers?


Beach time!


Hey guys! Ready to swim!


First, let me take some more #IHeartAustralia photos!


I'm in the ocean!


Dammit! More #IHeartAustralia photos! Sorry :D


I made it to...




I'm SCARED! Does this mean I need to be rescued by a...


...hot lifeguard?


Time to go back


HELP! Pirates are taking hostage of us!


What's this?


What about some ice cream?

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Wow! Pretty exiting that you got to experience a "shark evacuation". I won't say I'd enjoy it but it must definitely be an "interesting" experience.

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Hey TPR!


FINALLY some coaster photos are coming! This time I'm reporting about my time at Movie World, Gold Coast Australia! My friend and me drove from Sydney to Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast, which takes you about 10 hours. It was nice to discover Australia on the road!

We stayed at Chateau Beachside Resort, which was right next to the beach. The view from our apartment was incredible and we didn't pay a fortune for it. With regards to theme park admission prices, I can highly recommend getting both the VIP Magic Pass, which gets you access to Movie World, Wet n' Wild and Sea World ($109,99 AUD) and the Dreamworld Holiday World Pass for Dreamworld and Skypoint in Surfers Paradise ($89,99 AUD). They are worth it since you can easily park hop between the parks during your stay there! Single park admission is quite expensive there (around $80-90 AUD). Keep also in mind, that you have to get a locker at every park except for Dreamworld. Australia has even crazier loose article policies than most of the parks in America. They even make you show your pockets at Superman at Movie World. This is also why I haven't gotten many photos at these parks, but still tried to get some after we rode everything.


The Australian parks are very small, but it's nice to see how they tried to run at least some parks over there. I don't understand why they don't have more theme parks and roller coasters, because Australia is one of the main tourist destinations and they would make lots of money I think. However, don't expect too much when going there. I wouldn't travel to Australia to just ride coasters. That's not worth the money.


My favorite ride was Superman the escape at Movie World. It's such a fun ride and Intamin of course! We got Fast Pass ($60 AUD), because it was quite busy. They only sell a certain amount of them per day, so that there is still a fast pass guaranteed!


With that being said, enjoy the first day at the Gold Coast and have fun riding coasters!


Welcome to the movies!


Didn't watch the show. The weather in Australia was against me!




I LOVED this wild mouse! So amazing!


YUM! Their sandwiches were so relish!


Hey Roxanne! :D


My VIP Magic Pass!


Green Lantern's LED lights look awesome!


We made it! The weather is really not that great!


Driving to the Gold Coast! Wait, the weather doesn't look very nice!


The view from our apartment! But I want to ride coasters! So let's go!


YAS! Finally a coaster!



More Intamin!


I've seen it somewhere!


I'm scared!


This coaster was fun!


Have fun!




Log flume time!




Where is this track taking us?


This tower was the best S&S tower I've been on!




This top hat!


Do you wanna marry me?


No answer!


STILL no answer!


Hug time!

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Great pics again. The loose articles policy on Superman is pretty draconian, although they've relaxed it a bit on Green Lantern. Was Arkham Asylum open when you were there? Despite being an SLC, it's been decent since the new trains went on.

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Great pics again. The loose articles policy on Superman is pretty draconian, although they've relaxed it a bit on Green Lantern. Was Arkham Asylum open when you were there? Despite being an SLC, it's been decent since the new trains went on.


Arkham Asylum was open and it was indeed way better than with these crazy standard SLC restraints. Do you know who built them? But let's be honest, it's still just an SLC

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^It's a Kumbak train, and from what I can gather the only decent one that company has produced to date. It's nice to be able to ride an SLC without getting a concussion, even better when the onboard audio is working!

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