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[NL2] Project Krakatoa

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Little thing I'm working on. A B&M launched sitdown coater sitting in a polynesian environment with a volcano. I have posted most of the pictures in other threads, but I'm reposting them here for those who havn't seen them.


The layout



I might change the ending. Everything until the second loop will stay (with minor modifications). I'm thinking about getting rid of that loop, because the pacing in the second half is a bit slow. Elements are (in order):


- 64Km/h kaunch into zero G roll

- Immelmann

- Loop

- Zero G roll

- Cobra Roll

- Corckscrew


Stats are similar to Hulk at IOA.


The theming






As you can see in the concepts, the volcano will be the centerpiece. It will erupt everytime a train goes over it. There will be a splash at the bottom of the first drop. Behind the Moais, there will be a polynesian village which will serve as queue/station/transfer/shop... More to be announced soon.


The plans


I hope to finish the trackwork this month so I can have a entire month to do the theming. So, estimated release date is end of march.


The future



A second themed are with an Intamin Blitz. This time Aztec/Mayan theming (kind of a tribute to my older, lost Intamin Blitz, although this time it will be more family oriented

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This is amazing. Awesome layout, It screams B&M. If your going to get rid of the second loop then maybe do a high speed overbanked curve with a sharp change of direction after up into the MCBR. Looking forward to seeing the Intamin coaster.


Thanks! I have some different ideas for that part. I will be showing them next week. I'm thinking about something like that too,


Anyway, some more pictures. I made a station today because I was bored. Textures didn't work well, but it doesn't matter. They will when everything is finished.






As you can see in the 4th picture, the ride is buried in a trench. You will be able to see the entire coaster from the path.

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