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Coasting for Kids 2019--Be Part of Team TPR!

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^ Just donated $20 to you, Joey!


Consider your team officially into 4-digit territory!


Keep up the awesome work, and GO Team TPR!!


Awesome, thanks a lot! Just sent $20 back your way. Knott's is now only $24 away from $1000!

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^ Hmmm, I didn't see a donation show up.....


Or were you referring to Matt from Knott's? Wasn't sure since you quoted me but then mentioned Knott's (since I'm Coasting at CP this year). Sorry, long day at work, my brain's fried, so I got confused!


As long as it made it to a team member for the cause, then I'm a happy camper!

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Just sent out 25 dollars to Josh at Valleyfair, 15 dollars to Matthem and Josh at Knott's, 15 dollars to Adam at King's Island, and 15 dollars to Teresa at California's Great America.


Thanks Dustin!

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^ Hmmmm, this one's tougher! Cool idea, by the way!


I am going with Canada's Wonderland, and I believe Behemoth resides there now. Crossing my fingers.....(and if my first one isn't correct, I also thought it might be Kings Island, and that's now where Diamondback sits).


Just sent 10 dollars to Nick at Cedar Point, go Team TPR.


Thanks so much for the donation, Dustin!!

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Time for round two of "guess the photo." This picture is from eight years ago. Name the park and name what's there now, get $20 for your Coasting for Kids fund (first person only).



Have fun!


Adventureland in Iowa--probably where the Dragon coaster is now?

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EDIT: Nick got it! The old pond at Kings Island where Diamondback's splashdown is now in place.


I'll get the donation out after watching some hockey tonight.


Update: done at 940PM

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Thanks to all who have helped my raise money for this great cause known as Give Kids the World. I talked a friend of mine into doing this event for the first time and want to get her hooked on this fun event like I have been for the last 3 years. heres a link to her page. thanks to everyone for their support.



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Trying to get a hotel up in Sandusky for the weekend of CFK, does Cedar Point happen to offer any discounts on their hotels for participants? I'd rather save some money and give more to the charity. Can't wait to take part in this event!

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Hey everybody!


Since it's "Throwback Thursday" I'm encouraging everybody out there to "throw back" a little of your pocket change in the form of a donation. For every $5-$20 anybody throws back in the form of a donation during the next 24 hours, I will MATCH it! If any of my fellow Coasting for Kids riders want to throw some back on my page, not only will I match it on my page but I will match it on YOUR donation page as well! Triple donation action!



So if you've got $5-$20 doing nothing, throw it back! Go without Starbucks for a day. These kids will certainly appreciate it, and I will match it so the kids win even more! Come on, do it for the kids! Make me poor today! Throw some back on Throwback Thursday!!!

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