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Roller coaster cravings!

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So I'm always craving food, usually chocolate.


However, recently I started craving roller coasters. No, not eating roller coasters (ew!). But I meant riding them.


I will have moods where I really just want to be riding a specific ride, even one I've never been on before. Like, the other day I just really wanted to ride Alpengeist, even though I've never been to BGW. And that's another thing, I rarely get to go to Amusement parks, which makes it even worse.


It seems every day now I'm like craving a different roller coaster (today it's Riddler's Revenge, which I've never ridden either).


Oh and on top of that, I will crave elements without craving a specific coaster. Like I will crave airtime or going on loops.


Anyone else get like this? Oh and feel free to ask me what coaster I'm craving the day you reply.

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I've mostly had cravings of launches and airtime since the start of 2015, but that may have been Thunderbird and Lightning Run beckoning me via telekinesis. Soon, you two... soon.

not soon enough...

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Iv ridden Thunderhawk so many times I have perfected how to ride it, I really need my inversions fix.

My skin is crawling I miss Maverick so much. I cant believe Its being said, but im actually really excited to get back to Carowinds and ride Fury. I guess I caught the fever

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...recently I started craving roller coasters. No, not eating roller coasters (ew!). But I meant riding them.


Anyone else get like this?...

I am pretty sure this happens to all coaster enthusiast. Especially towards the end of the off season (for those of us who do not live near a theme park that is open 365.) I know I have been craving a roller coaster ride for a few months now. Thankfully I have a trip to SFOT coming up soon!!! It can not get here soon enough!!!
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I'm definitely familiar with roller coaster cravings, where I just have an intense urge to ride a certain ride I haven't been on. I don't get them nearly as much as I used to either because I've now ridden a large percentage of the coasters I used to crave, or because much more has been going on in life (most likely both). But there certainly are coasters I crave to ride or re-ride from time to time.

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