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European theme parks - where?!


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Hi all!


Me and my other half, like the rest, are made on theme parks. We are from the UK and visited Orlando last year. We are looking to go to somewhere in Europe next but unsure of where to go?! We are looking for somewhere that has 1 or maybe even more theme parks around aswell as using the opportunity for a holiday.


Any suggestions anyone?!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Europa Park is my first thought! You could easily spend 3/4 days there, and the Hassenhorn RodelBahn is about an hour's drive away and then you're in the middle of the Black Forest which is pretty spectacular as a destination.


Holiday Park is also an hour and a half away and Tripsdrill's only an hour and forty minutes from EP!

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Hi, I live in Germany so i'v been to a few parks here. Phantasialand is pretty good and about 1hour from Moviepark and Toverland. Or down near stuttgart you have Europa Park and Holiday Park its to far away. I'd say Spain is better if you want a holiday and you can also visit Portaventura.



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