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[RCT3] American Adventure (NCS)

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Hey guys,


So a few weeks ago I got really sick and decided to build a theme park with all my free time. When the semester started back up again and I got over it, obviously I slowed down on it but I've been tinkering with it whenever I have downtime and decided to post a little bit of it to see what you guys think so far (since you're all the experts). A couple things…


1. It's not finished…I have a general idea of how I'm going to round it out but I just haven't gotten there yet. So there's obviously dead space. And even in the parts that I've worked on, not everything is perfect yet. I still have things I wanna play around with and move around.


2. There is no custom scenery in this park. I can't figure out how to download it and don't really want to out of fear that it'll slow my computer down with unnecessary space. So you have to be a little forgiving on some things.


3. The park is themed to American history…each themed area represents a significant era in history. I was inspired somewhat by the Disney's America concept, and so I kind of envision this as a Disney park for a new resort, potentially in the midwest. For that reason, there are some attractions that have Disney names attached to them. But, since this is Roller Coaster Tycoon and since I don't have Custom Scenery, the only similarities are in name.


4. I'm only posting an overview of the park for now, but if there's interest I'll post more in-depth stuff about each area and all the rides/restaurants/etc. I'll also be sure to include the progress on the next expansions.


5. Any history buffs or Roller Coaster Tycoon experts, feel free to leave some criticisms!


Anyway, without further ado, here's a peek…


An overview of "American Adventure"…don't mind the big empty plot of land in the upper right--it'll be expanded on soon enough.


Another bird's eye view of American Adventure


The first themed land serves as the park's main entrance…it is a late 1700s-era American colony, fresh off of the Revolutionary War. Note the harbor in the upper left, a visual reminder of the Boston Tea Party. The 'weenie' at the end of the street is made to slightly resemble Independence Hall


The next land is a Civil War-era town. There are battle demonstrations going on and a Civil War Fort for guests to explore.


This area represents New Orleans in the Roaring 20's. Opulence and Prohibition are a theme for the shops and attractions here.


This area is Midwest Plains and is divided into three subsections; the top of the picture shows Victory Airfields, and is made up of a runway through which guests can walk in this 1940's aviation-inspired area. On the right is a continuation of Victory Airfields, only instead of a runway it's made to resemble a small WWII-era town in the midwest.

The top left of the picture is Family Farm, and is just that--you can see the barn and crop-dusters amid the rows of crops.

The left is Dust Bowl, a Depression-era walk-through that uses mist to simulate dust and raggedy buildings to reflect on the poor state of the country during that time.


This area represents the 1880's and the period of the Wild West. This land isn't quite finished yet…as of now it is made up of a boomtown at the base of a gold-filled mountain. I hope to soon add on walkways that are completely surrounded by trees to represent the wilderness of the West.


And finally we have a 1900's era exposition, marked by its carefully-manicured gardens and large structures and open spaces. There are old-school amusement rides here and an Exposition Hall at the end of the lawn showcasing exciting new technologies of the time.

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I'm working on making a small Industrial Revolution-era town part to this park, but in the meantime here's a little closer look at the main entrance.


The entrance promenade area music:


Again, since this is non-CS I have a lot of limitations. But still, the main reason I'm showing this off is so people can critique it and offer some suggestions. So if something looks off or should be different, let me know! I'd appreciate it. Anyway, here you go...


Independence Square.

All guests entering American Adventure will be treated to this view. Independence Square serves as the "Main Street USA" or "Port of Entry" of this park. It is themed to a colonial-era town right after the Revolutionary War.


Adams Bros. Trading Company is the park's main gift shop.


In this building is a show. In theory it would be like the American Adventure show at Epcot. But in Roller Coaster Tycoon, it's a circus in a building lol. The building is inspired by Independence Hall.


There is a harbor area in Independence Square. Guests can have a drink here on the water and be immersed in a Boston-inspired bay area.


The main drag breaks off into this plaza-type space. If this was a real park I would put a museum devoted to Revolutionary War relics in that building at the end…but this is still Roller Coaster Tycoon



A quick-service restaurant is housed in this building here


The shop on the end is meant to resemble an old blacksmith's shop. Next to it on the right is a bar called "The Publick Sphere", where guests can have a drink in a social setting.




On the side of the harbor are a few buildings. These are actually facades, behind which is a sit-down restaurant called Liberty Tavern.


A few more shops along the main drag all sporting architecture reminiscent of the colonial period.


And here's a final overview of the entire area. Thanks for reading!

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Are those supposed to flags on Independence Hall or is there an actually circus in there? The Wild West area will be interesting to see be developed. I think a log flume would be cool out of the mountain, the only problem with my opinion is that the mountain isn't big enough for the ride.

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Are those supposed to flags on Independence Hall or is there an actually circus in there? The Wild West area will be interesting to see be developed. I think a log flume would be cool out of the mountain, the only problem with my opinion is that the mountain isn't big enough for the ride.


Lmao, that's actually a circus in there. I realize that that's stupid but if the whole park was imaginary rides that didn't have RCT counterparts than the peeps would get pretty bored.


But actually, there is a water ride in the mountain and the majority of it is developed! Just to clear things up, let me give you guys the list of attractions so far (I realize it's kinda boring seeing a bunch of buildings in the last picture update with no idea of what's in them):



-American Adventure show


CIVIL WAR AREA (name tbd):

-A few random rides in the Civil War Fort, a slide, boats, hall of mirrors, etc to give it a playground feel.

-A 3-D show representing "Great Moments with Mr Lincoln"

-A riverboat



-A dark ride based off of Mystic Manor, this time with a voodoo theme




-A motion simulator representing "Soarin"

-A robotic arm dark ride themed to Captain America




-A boat ride, "Western River Expedition"

-A western stunt show

-A river rapids ride that goes up and down the mountain



-A crooked house representing an exhibition hall

-A laser battle representing "Toy Story Midway Mania"



-Ferris Wheel

-Wooden roller coaster


I realize that a lot of these are stretches, but this park was more about the aesthetics and design rather than the rides.


On a different note, I do need some suggestions. First of all, I'm always looking for pointers on how to get the aesthetics of the areas/time periods I'm going for represented better. Also, any American history-related ideas are a plus. But more importantly, I began working on a 1950's urban area, but the more I build it the more I think that it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the park. Some of the other ideas I tossed around was changing it to an Industrial Revolution-era town (but I'm not sure what rides could come out of that) or a New England harbor, but I have no idea what time period that would be themed to that could translate visually. Leave your ideas if you have any!

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