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[RCT2] Diamond Creek Amusement Park

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Hey Guys. I haven't really posted here much but I recently got the urge to play RCT2 again after looking at the parks on here.


I wanted to start off with something pretty small to get back into it. I've never been that great at buildings or custom scenery or anything like that, but here is what I have so far. I wanted to be similar to smaller Cedar Fair park like Dorney or Valleyfair.


Year 1 for this is 1985. The park has 4 roller coasters:

1- Python - Vekoma Loop Screw

2- Diamond Creek Twister - terrain woodie

3- Laser Loop - Schwarpzkopf Looping Star

4- Little Dipper - Junior Woodie


I'm going to keep updating and expanding it. Any comments/criticisms are welcome. Here are a few screen shots.


entrance plaza


Laser Loop




1985 park overview

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It looks good! The coasters seem to have pretty solid layouts for the time. The park does not seem to have much room but it will have to make due. Also, S&S freefall rides (Like the yellow one you have in the center of the park) did not come around until 1994. Great themeing job as well.

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I do like the park a lot. I feel your rides are VERY well designed and the scenery looks extremely realistic. My only problem is in the fact that it seems like you didn't leave yourself enough room to expand your park without knocking down some rides. Lets just say you want to build a nice B&M Invert or Intamin launched coaster, there really wouldn't be any room to put it unless you sacrificed some rides.

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@IronWolfman I noticed that as soon as I posted the pic. I replaced it with an Enterprise. Good eye!


@fraroc There are actually a few areas I have in mind for expansion, but you are right. At least 1 of the coasters isn't going to be around for the long run and I am definitely going to have to do some rearranging. If this was a real park the next move I'm going to make would probably make some people mad...but I'm thinking long term...

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This park definitely has my interest. Architecture is good, especially near the entrance. Nice geographical features as well. Arrow looks good but the one thing I'm not sure about is those grid-things under the Schwarzkopf. Otherwise it looks good, nice natural atmosphere. Should be interesting to see things play out as there is no expansion room.

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Hey guys, here is an update with a few shots.


For the 1986-88 seasons the park focused on internal improvements, such as adding a transfer track to Little Dipper to add a 2nd train


Twister and Lazer Loop (not shown) also received 2nd trains during this period


The park received a flat ride package in 1989 as this was an area the park was lacking.


Python is rumored to be on the chopping block, some land clearing is going on. Arrow is rumored to be involved in whatever is going on here...

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a couple more


It's been confirmed...


No announcement has been made for what is replacing Python, but work has started on a bridge structure near the parking lot that will have something to do with the new ride.

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Flat ride package looks good, it'll be interesting to see what happens with Python as there is a lot of land there. One thing I would recommend is to add more shrubs and small pieces of foliage because right now it looks like just trees. I would also recommend getting some darker trees in there. Looks good overall.

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I am liking the look of the park. Lots of foliage well-placed, good looking ride designs, well-placed flats, nice architecture. Everything flows very nicely. Well-done!


^Agreement with what he is saying. More variation in trees and foliage can make a MASSIVE difference on the overall look.


Overall, though, I'm really liking the look of this park! Keep it up!

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@coasterbill - you cant see it but the piece the train is on slides to the left, that way a train on the block in the tunnel could hold and then advance onto the transfer section, then move forward so the transfer could hold 2 trains.


here is an update....


Here is a full shot of Python's replacement. Its an Arrow junior hyper coaster called BOA built in 1992. (Morgan hypers didnt come around until the late 90s)




Removing Python left some room for expansion, even with the addition of BOA


Current Park overview - 1992


But in a rather bizarre move, both Little Dipper and Antique cars have been closed and a construction fence has appeared with no announcement made.

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hey guys, here is another update:


1993 - little dipper and antique cars were closed for the season.

1994 - antique cars were modified and reopened. little dipper reopened at its new location with a new color scheme

1995 - Tomahawk, a Vekoma SLC was built in the former little dipper location

1996 - Sky Rocket - an S&S drop tower, and Time Warp, a Chance Inverter, were built.

1997 - no new rides, land clearing is beginning behind the Twister


here is Little Dipper at its new location in the park, along with Time Warp and Sky Rocket.


Tomahawk took over the former Little Dipper site.


Here is a 1996 Park Overview


In 1997, land clearing began behind Diamond Creek Twister. Could this be for the parks first B&M?

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I would say it depends on whther or not you want it to stick out or not, if you want it to stick out, I think a yellow track with yellow rails and blue supports would look nice. If you want to be a little more mellow, you could stick with what you have now, but I would change the rails to either grey or the same color as the track. Black track with grey supports is usually a good choice for an SLC as well.

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Hey Guys, sorry I haven't had much time to update this latest, but here is the latest...


I'm in the early-mid 2000s now as far as my timeline goes and I'm not sure what to add in the open space you'll see in the third picture.....any suggestions?


The park's original looping coaster, Lazer Loop, was removed to make way for Black Viper, a terrain B&M sitdown looper situated on the hillside by the log flume.


Here is the current park overview. If you look closely you can see several minor changes since the last update.


Any suggestions of a ride or coaster to add here? Figure somewhere in the 2000-2005 time range.

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