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Planet Coaster (PLC) Discussion Thread

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I'll rate what I know: The first trailer for Planet Coaster was much better-produced than any of the trailers done for RCTW. (The end scene was adorable as well!)

I was thinking the same thing! The trailer was really good!

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It looks quite cool so far. Also looks like it will have full freedom of track design rather than be limited to pre-set track pieces. But then I suppose in this day and age there is no reason not to.


One thing though, looking at the wording on some of their non-game pre-orders, I kinda get the impression that there will be modern style DLC. I mean like buy a ride, or a new scenery item, rather than an expansion pack. Not sure why, it just feels that way to me. If thats the case then I also imagine that they will make custom scenery and rides deliberately hard to implement. I hope I'm wrong about that, but it is the popular business model these days.


Pure, unfounded speculation, of course.


Edited to say, I had another thought. Maybe they would also fund some things with options like the foundation stones they are selling. People pay for something special, but the actual ride/scenery is released for free? Unlikely, but what if? I personally prefer the expansion pack model, but with individual DLC you only pay for what you use. But then to get everything generally costs alot of money.

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Looks like a great entry into the coaster simulation game market! Definitely will be the direct competition for RCTW.


I am debating on buying the beta access but am trying to see if there are any details on it being available for Mac right out of the gate.

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Just saw the trailer and it quite clearly blows away RCT World's disaster of a trailer. Stylistically simplistic, yet it looks fantastic. Then again, the trailer probably doesn't accurately represent gameplay. Looking forward to this title much more than RCTW. I'm hoping it will finally be the RCT killer, much like Cities: Skylines was for SimCity. Frontier developed RCT3, but they also developed Thrillville. Hopefully this title is more on the RCT3 side of that spectrum.

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Some new info...


- There will be so many different coaster styles (old ones and new ones) and lots of flatrides, it will actually be hard to think of a coaster style that will not be in it! Flatrides and Coasters will be super-detailed with functional moving parts, detailed coaster tracks and realistic supports.


- Development of Planet Coaster is still in an early stage.


- The level of detail is unbelievable, the guests are so detailed (and unique, it will be hard to spot duplicates!), they interact with everything in the game like other guests, staff, rides, The deeper you zoom in the more details you will notice and you can go as deep as just seeing one guest on your screen.


- Guests' motion and facial expressions will tell you whether they are happy, fatigue, etc. even when zoomed out you can notice difference in their happiness by the way they walk.


- Staff's happiness will play a big role in their behavior towards your guests so you have to make sure staff is happy too!


- Curved paths are confirmed!


source: PlanetCoasterHub



And some new screens / images...



Giovanola inverted (super detailed)



Zierer Star Shape






Huss Jump






peeps & burger stall



random stuff



You can get them in high-res here:







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I am happy to see that in the first picture, there are a LOT of things they got right. Such as the elevated walkway, it looks great! And the ability to not only have curved walk ways, but ones that can change size while turning. Finally, the way the supports interact with the walk ways.. that's great looking.

Everything seems to be very organic and free form in this game! Look at all the plants and flower beds and how they are shaped!And though the coaster seems under supported, the support style is great! No more single pylons!

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It looks like we might have the option of building a Giovanola Invert like Anaconda at Gold Reef City...Interesting choice for a preview

At first I thought they made just a random 2-across inverted coaster train, but upon looking Anaconda up, it looks like they perfectly nailed it with the trains! Can't wait to see the other ride types and further progress of the game!

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Not sure if that is actually a top-scan, with the arm attached like that. With Giovanola coasters and the unicycle it could be that they are putting in rarer rides that haven't been seen in roller-coaster games as often in which case it could be a zierer star shape.

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I now support PLC 100%. I took a gander at their forums, and I really got the vibe that this game was made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, yet by the cartoony motif of the food stand and the peeps, it seems like anyone can enjoy it, whether they know every roller coaster name, make, and model by heart, or they're still calling Arrow and Vekoma looping coasters "Steel Corkscrew Roller Coasters"


Frontier could potentially give Ole Lange a run for his money.

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^That ride is a Zierer Star Shape. Its the same idea as a Top Scan but with a different ride experience.


I managed to ride one when it was in blackpool pleasure beach for a few years, they didn't have an overly thrilling ride cycle so I'd love to try a carnival version some day. I brought it up because the original post said top scan but it's now been edited.

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The train looks more Intamin to me to be honest.

Nope. It's identical to the Giovanola. The chassis, the seats, the restraints, the brakes. It even has the exact same "restraint-opening mechanism".


Intamin's trains are completely different.


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