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Planet Coaster (PLC) Discussion Thread

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Frontier posted this picture on Facebook today.




Among other things, we can see a full color picker, what seems to be the option for custom ride music, the ability to make custom signs, a day/night cycle picker, a tracked rides tab in the UI and the ability to change the name of the ride.

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More. This time about management.


Hi coaster friends,


Planet Coaster’s beta is just around the corner – until now the alpha builds you have been playing have focused mainly on creative park building, with Alpha 3’s Steam Workshop integration powering the sharing of community created assets.


The beta release is the biggest step forward the game has ever taken. A lot of the features and content you’ll be seeing for the first time have been worked on from very early in the project, as we close in on the release of what we believe is the best coaster park sim ever – sophisticated, challenging, engaging, and fun!


Simulation Evolved

As our Dev Diary #5 will explain, at the heart (or the head) of our ‘Simulation Evolved’ approach is the ‘guest brain’. This delivers the most sophisticated individual character simulations ever – each park guest has their own thoughts, feelings, desires, and most importantly their own money in their pocket.


Every change you make will affect your gameplay like never before, and in order to build your park empire you’ll need to create great rides, layouts, facilities, amenities, and parks to persuade your guests to part with their hard-earned cash.



Up for the Challenge

In the beta, coming November 9, we’ll be including two scenarios to test your park design and entrepreneurial skill. One easier and one more challenging, with the remainder of the scenarios being released at launch on November 17.


The beta will also bring in three different challenge mode difficulties to explore, along with in-game awards to make sure your triumphs are always rewarded.


Take it from the Top

Dev Diary #6 will explain the management tools available to you to meet every challenge in your own unique way.


There’s a new park management dashboard which brings a real-time overview of your parks’ performance, and a notification system to give you every detail you need.




You can run your business your way by manually opening and closing your park and selecting the park’s opening times. Set your park admission pricing including family tickets and balance this against the cost of your rides individually. Offer fast passes to your guests or use a combination of all of these methods – you have complete freedom over your park’s pricing structure.


Money makes the world go round and every park manager worth their salt has been in need of financial assistance before. The new loan system lets you inject more capital into your park but be careful, different loans will come with different interest rates so you’ll need to be shrewd!




You can research specific fields in which to gain and unlock new rides, shops and content for your park, and Planet Coaster’s flexible marketing campaigns let you use wide reaching campaigns to bring the visitors flocking in, or focus and attract the specific groups and ages that perfectly suit your specialist coaster park.


At the heart of every great park are great staff, and Planet Coaster’s staff are as highly ‘evolved’ as our guests. Their own sophisticated ‘staff brain’ simulation gives you great new ways to manage your staff work areas and responsibilities. We’ll share more details about those soon.


Make sure your employees are happy by reviewing their pay, managing their workload and investing in their future through training in order to run your park as effectively as possible. You can choose to send out mechanics to either maintain and repair your rides, or pre-emptively refurbish your older rides to give them a new lease on life.




Planet Coaster Livestreams!

We've still got loads more to share with you over the coming weeks. Keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for more news and information during the countdown to beta and of course, make sure you join us on October 31 and November 7 for our developer livestreams where you’ll see our headline features and announcements for the first time.


Much of the all-important finer detail will need to be played to be appreciated. No matter what you’re doing within Planet Coaster, from the layout of your park, your amenities, the scenery you use, even down to your colour selection of items - all have an impact on the simulation.


Every single aspect of Planet Coaster has been designed from the ground up to put simulation and gameplay at the core of the experience, and set a new benchmark for the genre.


We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!



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^I was watching the video while making this post, so you beat me to posting it!


Nonetheless, here's breaking the video down (for any of us that need a reason to watch the hour-long video):


-15:50: Wooden coaster (3-row PTC).

-19:38: RMC topper wooden track.

-28:15: Loading a park with a wooden coaster in it.

-36:30: Building the RMC I-Beam steel track.

-33:57: Setting ride sequences for flat-rides, like the new Looper flat ride (


-40:18: Log flumes (42:25 is with commentary).

-44:22: River rapids (releases a week after beta starts due to final touch-ups).

-49:40: Add your own music, Cheshire cat dark ride, animated scenery can be triggered via rides.


-57:16: A full kraken dark Ride POV using vintage cars and triggered ride events (WOW!!!)


The wooden and RMC coasters really do look and sound amazing!! I can only imagine how difficult it might have been to make the structure for them work. But they really do look great in the game, as do all the other additions to the game! Really looking forward to the beta!




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They hit the nail on the head with the wooden coaster. Even has lift hill and rattle sounds like the real PTC's. There's also soft music that plays during the game at random moments that are a really nice touch.


A small one I first built, then added scenery around




A second one just to see what they looked like when giant.


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Btw...I still cannot get over how good the sound design in this game is. I mean, ok..Frontier has shown that they can produce something very good in this category via Elite Dangerous, but this thing is next level. The soundtrack is pretty good, the way music meshes with gameplay is superlative, the actual ride effects are extremely sophisticated, UI sounds are masochistically extensive (almost everything you tweak, plop down, move etc has a different sound), and the camera sound LoD and mixing when going around your park is out of this world.


Sound is something that many times is just tacked on and doesn't get much attention from developers, and we are talking about a CMS game here, where (barring the coaster sounds) sound should be even lower in the list. It really really isn't though, and I am glad of it.


I mean, do this, as an example. Make a hybrid or wooden coaster (or get one from the workshop), put your headphones on and go on a ride in the front seat. And then in the back. The game even uses my buttkicker that I have bought for E:D, with pretty good results. VR support cannot come soon enough for this one...

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