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Going solo to Orlando in May - Calling all Floridians

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Hello everyone,


It has only been 4 months since I returned from my previous (and first) trip to Orlando, but already I’m dying to go back. Right now I’m planning a trip in the first half of May. From what I have been able to figure so far this should be a good time of the year to visit, both in terms of weather and crowds. Dates are not settled yet, but I’m currently looking at 4th -14th of May. Since I did all the parks last time I might not do all of them this time. Disney is an absolute must for me, Universal is also pretty much certain. A trip out to Tampa would also be quite likely...


Now this is where all of you fine people come into the picture. You see, I will be taking this trip by myself....alone. And while I’m perfectly fine with spending time alone, I would also love to meet up with people. So therefore I’m reaching out to all of you. It could be anything from going to one of the parks, having a dinner or going out for a couple of beers in the evening. Obviously there is absolutely no commitment in saying at this point in time that youre interested. However as I would have to book in near future it would be good to know the level of interest.


I also always appriciate reccomendations for accomodation. Right now I’m getting a really good price on Best Western Lake Buena Vista. Standard seems good, and walking distance to Downtown Disney is always a big plus. Would love to stay at one of the Disney resorts, but that is unfortunately a bit too expensive for me.


So if anyone would be interested in meeting up, or have any advice to give to a solo traveller, please feel free to give me a shout. It is not settled yet, but I do consider it very likely and I would be very dissappointed if it were not too happen...

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Any thoughts of taking a quick visit out to Fun Spot to try White Lightning? It's less than 10 minutes from Universal (same distance from Disney) and White Lightning is very worth going out of your way for if you haven't tried it yet. You can also get in and out in less than an hour if that's all you want to do and are in a time crunch.

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Alright, got my flight tickets booked. I will arrive in Orlando in the evening on May 4th and I'm going back in the evening on May 14th. It's too early to plan a park schedule, but when it gets closer to departure I will definately contact everyone who has expressed interest in meeting up!


Current excitement level.....about 1000!!

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The trip might be over 2 months away, but I have started thinking about park schedule. What would be the best parks to visit during the weekend? I assume that there is a rather noteworthy difference in weekday and weekend crowds...


Also how accurate are the crowd calenders such as the one from Undercover Tourist?



Anyone who wants to meet up in addition to those who have already posted in this thread, feel free to let me know!

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I will be in Orlando around the same time, May 1st thru the 11th. Always great to meet fellow enthusiasts.


Would be great indeed. I will let you know when the trip gets closer and I have a better idea of my park schedule.


Starting to become a decent list of people to meet, cant wait to go!

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With only 3 weeks left to my trip I figured it was time to bring this thread back up. I already have some arrangements, but I still have plenty of 'open' days, particularly on weekdays, so if anyone else is interesting in meeting up just let me know and we'll try to work something out.

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With departure only 2 days away I just wanted to bring this back up, as I still have plenty of open days on my schedule. So anyone who might be interested in meeting up please feel free to leave a reply or drop me a message.

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