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Heroic Land | Calais, France

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The dream of a new theme park in Calais is still very much alive, with the city now looking at a partnership with Fantawild, who wants to expand outside of China.


Earlier this week, the city's mayor Natacha Bouchart got a tour of Ningbo's Oriental Heritage by Fantawild vice-president Daisy Shang. The mayor was impressed the most by the park's 360° theater as well as the massive darkride (the one with the HUGE boats).

Another representative of the city will visit more Fantawild parks this month.


« Si c’est pour copier ce qui se fait déjà ailleurs, ça ne sert à rien. Là, on aurait quelque chose de très différent, avec un univers chinois, un joli décor, une belle ambiance. On amènerait la culture chinoise à travers un parc qui n’existe pas ailleurs en Europe »


"A copy of what exists at other parks (in Europe) would not be a good idea. However, Fantawild can bring us something very different, with Chinese themes and atmospheres that don't exist anywhere else in Europe."






source: NordLittoral (French newspaper)


There goes my Intamin Wingrider dreams - I was really looking forward to a hopefully smoother version of Furius Baco, one of my top rides!

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