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Efteling Park Plan in Paint

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(First with such a unique project I wonder if this is the right board if not place transfer it.)


Hey TPR, I have this Project I'm working of for several years now and have been showing it of on a other site. But I've been waiting for quite sometimes for the right moment to introduce it to you here on TPR, and now is that time.


First some history regarding this project:

This project history began in may 2010 after releasing a paint drawing of how my expectations where on Joris en de Draak (Efteling) and people where stunted (don't ask me why) by my paint skills. This let me begin new projects on paint and left 1 person to challenge me to make a Park plan of the Efteling in paint, and on 13th of July 2010 I released my first update of this monster project. The next half year I worked on the first version and 13th of December 2010 I finished it.

Stance December 2010:

Like the end suggested a half year later I should release the winter version. This deadline wasn't reached. I had improved my drawing skills on paint drastically already and so I decided Begin January that I better focused on the summer version more. This lead to a project starting January 1 to October 31 2011, this gave me some room to breath for the winter version that begin November 1 and finished December 13 2011. Yes this project wasn't officially until after 1 and a half year after start.

Stance December 2011:

2012 was again a big year lots of new things had to be worked into the park plan and did, this lead to many things had to be redone to make it all fit making another year of complete working on it. Yet in December 2012 this work wasn't done so this lead to the first time no video update. January 2013 arrived and the park had nothing new, this lead to the point that I had no motivation for editing and in April 2013 after falling still several months in a row I made the last update. (so no new video of how it was in 2013).


A year passed and news arrived from the park 2014 there would be a new Dive coaster and May 2014 this project was brought back alive I made a 2 phase project preparing for the Dive to fit on its location and updating the Piraña attraction to it's 2014 version. These projects where bigger then I thought and soon a Phase 3 arrived to clean things up after Phase 2 ( a complete new Anderrijk) and deciding I was doing well I even made phase 4 what would be new boats for the Gondoletta attraction and a Fix up of the entrance area and Pagode. After that I finally could start in September with Phase 5 the construction site of Baron 1898. Today I fished up Baron 1898 construction site and will enter phase 6 that is to prepare the entire Park plan for a new Winter remake (expecting to be done February to March 2015). So yeah this was the best time to introduce you guys here to to project.

Today's stance:


And Baron 1898 construction site:


This I make for the fun but it shows the location of the new attraction and the size of it so it is relevant, and this is full of easter eggs regarding Baron 1898, Efteling and B&M. Also note the attraction circle oval thingy, this I've been doing since Raveleijn back in 2010 when I started and I still use this system today marking the new attractions.


That is it for now expect to hear a lot more about it in the future and In the summer (to include Baron 1898) I will do another video showing the entire Park plan as then. For now goodbye and see you by the next update.

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I worked this week on some small things like small Food stands, added a park plan in the park and created the new ticket vending machine of Raveleijn. I also nocked down the Pardoes statue on main way so I can make it smaller. (Sorry because of the many locations I don't have any pictures of it.)

I also added trees:



The last thing of this update, to celebrate 5 years of working on this project I'm going to take a copy of it back to 2010 the year it all started. (Of-course an up to that version and no remake to see how far I came). For this I'm going to use a remade version of the original Raveleijn Circle:



I also made some chances to the Circle's I still had:

Realm of Fantasy now has 2 years on it (original I had 2012 on it but Hartenhof still incoming I added 2020):


Baron 1898 Circle got another color (same as the track):



This also set me to remake the original Aquanura Circle:



I also tried to remake the Emperors new cloths circle but I couldn't (there is no image of the original good enough). So I'm going into another way with the Fairy tale circle's instead I'm going to use Shields and for Emperors new cloths I'm still going to make one.

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I have finalized today the summer map. Next update I have winter version (almost completely re-done.)



The 5 attraction blocks, I have changed (I have this done quickly in between and thus only additions and modifications where done, nothing removed that comes later.)

Central park portion (ABC to Hnr.):


Maren Empire (ABC to Hnr.):


Travel Empire (ABC to Hnr.):


Rough Empire (Baron there and ABC to Hnr.):


Another Realm: (ABC to Hnr.):



The Cake Stall is also on the map now:


And the renewed Statue of Pardoes:


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So took some time but finally managed to start on the winter version, Still haven't done much yet but you guys can see what needs to happen:


Only managed to fill in what has changed on the summer version after I last took care of it. So a lot needs to happen.

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  • 1 month later...

It is already more then a month since the last update, but a lot has happened, I've been very busy and had no time for updates.


Anyway the winter version, I post today only the attractions, Next update comes the food corners, souvenir shops, shows and the winter elements:




Sprookjesbos (fairy-tale forrest):


Diorama en Stoomcarrousel (steamcarrosel):


Stoomtrein (Steam train):


Droomvlucht (Dream flight):


Villa Volta, added an eye on the roof for the Illusion at night they do in the winter:


Kindervreugd (Child joy):


Volk van Laaf (People form Laaf):


Carrousels Anton Pieckplein:






Carnaval festival:


Vogel Rok (Bird Rok):


Mosieur Cannibale:




Doolhof (Maze):


IJspaleis (Ice palace), Made a completly new tent this year:


Pagode, you can notice the crown on the Brink it was a new feature this winter:


Gondoletta, 2 fish are placed in the water they keep the water from freezing up in real life:




't Hijgend Hert (The panting Deer):


Halve Maen (Half Maen):


D'Oude Tuffer (The old Tuffer):


Polka Marina:




Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon):


Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman), It isn't running during the winter season and so no boats:


Game Gallery, Didn't do anything then make the roof white, they currently are busy retheming it so thats why:


Construction site Baron 1898:






Spookslot (Haunted castle):


Pandadroom (Panda Dream):




While it isn't a attraction Beierse markt (Beierse Market):


And last, Fata Morgana:



I als have some news. This year in June the park plan exist 5 years, This kind off means I have some plans in June and this it:

Week 1: First I have 2 days of Baron 1898, This includes a teaser (Teaser is lacking a lot of details but thats why it is a teaser):


6 June: Concept art Baron 1898.

7 June: Release of Baron 1898 Summer and winter version (I mean the complete thing that will be on the park plan).

Week 2: I kinda want to go on the road down memory lane:

13 June: June 13th 2010 it is the day of the first update. So June 13th 2015 will be a rerelease of the 2010 version to how far I really have come,

14 June: I will give a small word on what it means to keep this up, its a lot of work beleave me.

Week 3: This time we take a look at today (2015):

20 June: I have a to do list and will work on that the coming time and release it June 20th.

21 Juni: I will uploade a video of the park plan of 2015.

Week 4: Future

27 June: I kind off whant to talk about what will happen if I can keep it up another 5 years.

28 June: I will tell you what the fure of the park plan will look like.


See you next time.

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Its been a while and the next update has to wait as well, I'm very busy now whit getting everything done for the June celebrations.

Anyway yesterday Baron 1898 was finally placed on the map no close up yet it will follow in June:


It will moste likely change a lot after this.

Here is also 2 teasers:


Full track.


And a negative image of the station.


Also winter version is complete, sorry no close ups I'm to busy:



And finally I do have a close up on the new Game Gallery at the park, the park rebranded it and so did I, interesting fact might be that it's the old building just rethemed like in real life:



So next update will be this June I'm already busy with that update so till then.

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  • 1 month later...

Last month I worked really hard on all 3 park plans for the 5 year celebration. For some time I thought I wouldn't get it done but still managed to get it done a day before I planned it. I only work on the shields of Emperor's new cloths (Promised to do that after losing the circle )and Pinocchio These I will release over 2 weeks. There is a lot post the upcomming weeks.

The concept art of Baron 1898:



Summer version, trains will come on July 1st:


Winter version:


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  • 2 months later...

Sorry guys for not posting in a while now. A lot came to be since then and new decisions where made.

First of sorry I forgot to post this on the day it came out but here's the latest video:

Secondly and exclusive to this thread the finished Baron 1898:


Added two trains (one in the Immelmann and second in the brakes, and I also painted the lockers from green to orange.

Third is that I really need to figure out why older post photo's get blanked, they're still on my original source place wich is Facebook by the way.

Fourth and last thing. Don't expect frequent postings, I update you guys if a major change happened in the park that made me do adjustments on the park plan (like later this year I begin with Pinocchio's construction site.)

Till next time.

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