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Paultons Park To Add Custom Junior Boomerang.

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The latest park worlds magazine (seen here) has confirmed that Paulton Park in the UK will be adding a new Vekoma Junior Boomerang for the 2015 season.


If you don't know Paultons Park it is a small park on the south coast which caters mainly towards families and children. Personally I think It's actually a lovely little park and this coaster is a perfect choice. They already have the excellent Gerstlauer bobsled Cobra and two zierer kids coasters.


I've not actually ridden one of these yet but I hear good things.



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Apparently they will also be adding a Vekoma Family Suspended.

That one will be a standard 395m model.


Both coasters are opening in 2016.


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This is excellent news. Those Vekoma suspended juniors are really fun little rides so one of them plus the custom layout junior boomerang really will round out Paulton's nicely.

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"Yessiree Bob, I betcha this should get them kiddies and their parents out to their park!"


So I went online to check out this park ( which I find is located in the UK) and it seems that they do have plenty of rides for the family, and a few thrill rides for those kiddie who are soon-to-born riders. According to their website, they listed three coasters, only two that would be classified as thrilling. Adding two more thrilling coasters will be ideal for that park and great for the UK. The only downsize to this will be us riders in the USA wondering why can't we get a coaster like that for any of our park here? Oh well, I'm sure there will be a park out there that will consider getting their own Custom Junior Boomerang.

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Just found out some more information, so if anyone knows Paultons really well, the whole area is going where the Dinosaur walk is at the back of the park, It will also be extended slightly outside the dinosaur walk and it seems the Slide,the bunny powered ride, and a small part of the gardens will also make way for the whole area so its a fair sized area, these changes are already confirmed on the 2015 map so I strongly suspect the slide and bunny powered ride will not be operating throughout the entire 2015 season. Also I hear there will be 1 or 2 other kids rides in the area as well to make up for the 2 lost attractions this year, I guess this make sense so some of the younger kids are not missed out.

I'm really looking forward to these changes, Paultons is my local park, so I will definatly be trying to get here for opening day to check it all out. Also Bravo to Paultons for taking another big gamble in the big rides department. The park is certaintly "growing up" and I cant wait to see what the rest of the future now brings for this park providing this investment is indeed yet another success

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As seems to be the trend at the moment Paultons Park have released a game to coincide with the development of their new land "Lost Kingdom.



Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park - Download the Game

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id993875387

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...


Play the Lost Kingdom dinosaur game for kids to be in with a chance to WIN theme park tickets to Paultons Park’s exclusive preview event!


We have 3 x family passes up for grabs every day, to attend our exclusive Lost Kingdom Theme Park preview event in March 2016.

Be one of the first to experience the new Lost Kingdom Dinosaur Theme Park at Paultons Park opening Spring 2016, home to two world class rollercoasters, life-like animatronic Dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, a pre-historic adventure play park and an amazing opportunity to come face to face with our ‘living’ walking Dinosaurs!

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More artwork, ride logos and the first construction photos.



Also, here's an overview of all the attractions in the new Lost World area:


  • Flight of the Pterosaur - Vekoma Suspended Family
  • Raptor - Vekoma Family Boomerang
  • Dino Chase - Zierer Tivoli Coaster (the existing Flying Frog coaster)
  • Temple Heights - Zamperla Crazy Bus
  • Boulder Dash - Zamperla Demolition Derby
  • The Dinosaur Tour Co. - jeep ride
  • Alive! Dinosaur Encounter - street entertainment with dinosaur costumes
  • Little Explorer - kiddie play area
  • Base Camp - food & beverage
  • The Nest - food & beverage



Site plan:





Birds' eye view (posted before, now higher res)





The logos of the new coasters:







Aerial overview of the new land:


The concrete "swimming pool" in the middle of the photo is the foundation of the Zamperla Demolition Derby. The footers around it, belong to the Suspended Family Coaster.

On the left, you can spot the existing Zierer coaster which will be integrated in the new land.





The path of the Dinosaur Tour jeep ride:





Coaster footers:





Scenery / rocks:





source: Paultons Park

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SFC arrives...


Great news, this week the first sections of our Flight of the Pterosaur roller coaster arrived on site.


Deliveries of giant pieces of steel track have arrived in very large lorries at the Park, travelling from Europe where the ride is manufactured. In total over 100 lorries will be required to transport the impressive frame work and structures that will construct the new coaster opening next year.


On average each piece weighs between 2-3 tonnes, however the largest piece weighs a whopping 12.5 tonnes!







photos: Paultons Park

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I like the color scheme. Should look great when all the theming is in place. Always nice to see more Vekoma family suspended coasters being built, they are really great rides that the entire family can enjoy.

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Last month, Vekoma shared a couple Raptor videos.










photos: Paulton's Park

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