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[RCT2] (CS) Six Flags North Woods (SFNW)

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Thank you both for your comments! In response to Gwazi, my main focus with this park was coaster design above everything else. This park is mainly just to combine a bunch of coasters that I would like in real life, it isn't really supposed to be a park that could exist and run in real life. So your complement means a lot to me since coaster design was my focus in this park. In response to MIA fan, I'm glad you noticed that! I wanted to have those two coasters be brighter because the area of the park they were in was more mellow. I wanted those coasters to be the first thing you see when you look at Golden Kingdom, since this park is mainly about coasters. I also wanted them to stick out against the tree line. So thank you for your response.

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Hi everyone! Six Flags North Woods is already back with a new update! This update will see the completion of Golden Kingdom, but with an exciting surprise thrown in! This is the last new content update of the park! My plan is to make a few tweaks and polish things up a bit and then open the park. Once it is open for a while, I will post updates about the tweaks I've made and the how the park looks in full operation! At this point I would like to thank everyone who has viewed and commented on this park (this includes guests if there are any). It is really appreciated, especially since this is my first park that I've ever shared publicly. Which brings me to my next point, due to the success of this park, I am pleased to announce that I have already started work on an all-new story-line park! Stay tuned for more info on it! Thank you for reading and enjoy the final reveals of Six Flags North Woods!


Picking up where we left off in Golden Kingdom, I decided to add the Suzuka circuit go-carts! (No, this is not the surprise)


This IS the suprise! I decided to change the remainder of Golden Kingdom into an all-new section, Yankee Harbor!


Pictured here are various restaurants, I tried to have a lot of bright colors in this section to contrast Golden Kingdom


Pictured here are the boardwalk shops, I also tried to maintain emphasis on nature in this section


Here is Fiddler's Fling, an intense spinning ride, and where Yankee Harbor connects to the park entrance area


Here is the station for Yankee Clipper, a water ride with an underground dive and a second drop with a splash landing


This shot shows the second drop


Here is the station for the other major ride in Yankee Harbor, Logger's Run!


This shot shows Logger's run's indoor section, through which two of the ride's main three drops exit


This shot shows the third main drop


An overview of Yankee Harbor!


An overview of the full park!


Just to recap, this was all that was left to be completed after the last update!

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Hello All, Six Flags North Woods is back with an new update of the Grand Opening of the Park! The 105 Years of construction have all led up to now! There isn't really any new content, but comments and questions are always appreciated! Thank You and enjoy.


Before I opened the park, I polished things up, but the main thing left to be done was build a station for Demon


And here is the first lucky guest to enter the Park!


At first, the entrance area got pretty crowded. This was due to people trying to reach Kaiju, as its Helix is located near the entrance


Here is an early description of what people are doing in the park. Looks like Kaiju is going to be popular!


Indeed, many guests flowed into Kaiju's queue line at the beginning of the operating season


Roar was also quite popular at the start of the season!


The same cannot be said for Batman, however


X-Flight also didn't have many riders, as most were going to Kaiju and Roar first. In fact, not many guests were even reaching this area of the park at first


Here is a shot of Kaiju taking a nealy full train of riders up the first hill


Halfway through the season, guest numbers have continued a steady rise


Here is a report on guest activity halfway through the year


Again, County fair was pretty barren for most of this season


Maybe airtime like this is why Kaiju is so popular!


Wicked Cyclone, as you can see, was not very popular for most of the year


Roar, however, was pumping out full trains consistently!


Tatsu struggled to find riders at all


Wicked Cyclone actually saw a large increase in popularity at the end of the year


Nitro was consistently popular the entire year


More Wicked Cyclone goodness!


Report on guest activity at the end of the year


El Toro was not very popular at all this season


Neither was X-Flight


At the end of the year, guest numbers still increase at a solid rate


Another popular ride is the Suzuka Circuit!


The park won 2 awards in its first season! Although one isn't really an award

What a year it has been! To finish off this update, I thought I would do a ridership report of some of the rides in year 1!

Kaiju - 1,411 riders

Roar - 686

Nitro - 486

Joker's House of Fun - 438

Suzuka Circuit - 290

Trailblazer - 274

Yankee Clipper - 240

Temple of Doom - 230

Sky Trek Tower - 200

Wicked Cyclone - 144

Gotham Theater - 127

Columbia Carousel - 124

Logger's Run - 108

El Toro - 104

Ricochet - 96

River Rocker - 92

Tatsu - 86

X-Flight - 60

Batman - 56

Demon - 48

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Thank you both for your comments. I will try to see if I can remove TT and WW objects, I don't think I used any in the park but I will try to make sure. The other thing I have to figure out is how to do custom rides and scenery in the download. In the meantime, I will continue to post updates on park operation, maybe with some "trip reports" by actual guests. This is all, of course, while I continue to plan my next park.

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Hello All, Six Flags North Woods is back with a year 2 update. As always, any type of feedback is encouraged. I will probably do one or two more yearly updates then will try and get it on the Game Exchange. Thank you and enjoy.


First off, to make it easier for guests to reach Kaiju, I had to build this underground path


Here is where the path comes out in Golden Kingdom


Kaiju is running at an incredible capacity right now!


Wicked Cyclone's popularity has shot up in its second operating season!


In fact, it is replacing Kaiju on many guests' favorite ride lists!




Wicked Cyclone does have capacity issues, however


Halfway through the season, here is a report on guest activity


Batman also saw a significant increase in popularity this year!


One of Tatsu's trains entering the finale




El Toro still struggled this year


Wicked Cyclone flies through this first turn!


With some tweaks with minimum/maximum waiting time, WC's capacity increased slightly.


Tatsu also grew in popularity this year!


This whole back area of the park became much more vibrant due to the popularity of Wicked Cyclone


Roar's popularity decreased slightly at the end of the year


Bet you didn't see this coming: At the end of the year, Wicked Cyclone's MCBR was moved and replaced with a double-down


As a result, the ride was temporarily closed


Nitro continues to bring in large numbers


Immelman! (with a detached car?)




Here is shot of WC's modified MCBR, I just didn't like how it came right after the major turnaround


One of the best drops you'll find anywhere!


The park won 2 awards this year!

Here is a ridership report for the coasters in year 2, rider stats for year 2 alone are listed first, then total for years 1 and 2 combined second.

Kaiju - 2047 - 3,458

Wicked Cyclone - 932 - 1076

Batman - 680 - 736

X-Flight - 346 - 406

El Toro - 368 - 472

Roar - 1234 - 1910

Nitro - 1598 - 2084

Tatsu - 948 - 1034

Demon - 158 - 206


I hope you enjoyed this update!

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I hope I can download this without ww, and txt! I hope your keeping wicked cyclone! I wish that there was an b&m custom inverted in real life, and this park would do very great, and should be in real life! The rest I can't take my eyes off of them!

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I hope I can download this without ww, and txt! I hope your keeping wicked cyclone! I wish that there was an b&m custom inverted in real life, and this park would do very great, and should be in real life! The rest I can't take my eyes off of them!

Don't worry, I'm definitely keeping Wicked Cyclone, I just didn't like the MCBR location before. I think I'll keep the layout as it is now. As far as progress on getting rid of WW and TT objects, I downloaded ParkDat, which allows me to view and delete any scenery objects (I think). Does anyone know if ParkDat can sort objects so WW and TT are separated? That would make it easier to get rid of any objects if I have any. If I have a lot of WW and TT objects, It'll take some time to get rid of them and replace them.

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