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[RCT2] (CS) Six Flags North Woods (SFNW)

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Hi everyone! Six Flags North Woods is a park located just west of Milwaukee, WI. I started this project a little more than a year ago and lost interest, but now am back to working on it. It is NOT a story-line park. Although the coasters have years for when they were built. The park is already planned out. Most of the rides, and all of the coasters are already in place, although modifications may be made in the future. I am hoping to periodically update this thread showing the additions to the park until it is complete in which I may put it up for download depending on demand. All coasters are custom built, and custom scenery is used. So, without further ado, here is what I have in the park so far. Let me know what you guys think! I think my architecture could definitely use work. Stay tuned for the next update!


Here is the entrance which which will be improved in the future since it's pretty bad now.


More of the unfinished entrance with Sky Trek Tower visible


The first themed area is Gotham City


Gotham city features a variety of flats as well as a pictorium


And here is the entrance plaza for....


Batman : The Ride! Which in this case is not a clone!


The rest of Batman's layout, which was built by B&M in 1995


Next to Gotham is the County Fair section


This shot shows, although hard to see, the County Fair Picnic area


More CF scenery


Zoomed out


And here is the Demon! Built by Arrow in 1986.


And here is, in my opinion, one of the best coasters I've ever made. X-Flight! An Intamin Blitz coaster with a launched lift hill and vertical drop built in 2011.


Another angle of X-Flight with the unfinished Southwest territory visible


And here is an overview of what has been completed so far!

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Super happy to see the Demon coaster in your park. I know... Arrows suck. But I love'em in this game and in real life. Very nice layout you have designed for the coaster. It is hard to make a good looking Arrow in this game and you did it very well. You captured all the quirkiness of a real Arrow. Unnecessary straight flat sections, unnatural flow from one element to the next and just generally bad pre computer aided design weirdness. Love it!

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And here is the new update! This update will see the completion of county fair. As before, please comment if you like.


Picking up where we left off, here is the Orbit and some food stalls


And here is Zumanjaro : Drop of Doom. Standing 400 feet tall!


And here is the first major coaster reveal : Nitro! Built by B&M in 1999


Nitro's station and queue


Nitro dives into a tunnel, reaching nearly 70 mph


Nitro then shoots into a low, sweeping right hand turn that pulls high Gs


With Nitro, I tried to combine elements of both Raging Bull and Apollo's chariot


Here is most of Nitro's second half. I really wanted to make the environment work with this coaster, so there are lots of trees surrounding the coaster, and the coaster has a few hills over the river


Here is a pizza stall and gift shop, with X-Flight's keyhole visible at the bottom


Across the river is also a kid's area, with some small flats


And here is the county fair food court! I was inspired by SfGam's food court for this one, and I like how it turned out overall


Here is Whirligig as well as some other county fair scenery


Here is a nice spot for guests to eat, relax and enjoy the park's scenery


Pictured here is Chaotic, similar to orbit, but flips, and Spin Out, as well as a Donut shop and Burger shop


Here is the next big coaster reveal! What could it be?


Introducing Wicked Cyclone! New for 2015! An RMC conversion of the old Cyclone that was built in 1992.


Wicked Cyclone climbs 130 feet, and reaches speeds over 60 mph! There are also over 15 airtime moments!


Here is Wicked Cyclone's drop!


After the drop, riders experience a double-up and overbanked turn!


Here is Wicked Cyclone's turn around on the other end, which features highly banked turns and a double-down!


Wicked Cyclone also features crazy banked hills like this one, which provide sideways airtime!


Wicked Cyclone overview, I was going for a disaster / apocalyptic theme with this one.


And here is an overview of what was revealed in this update! Stay tuned for more! Next up is Southwest Territory!

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This park's intriguing to me. It uses the average Six Flags rides (B&M Invert, Hyper, RMC, etc.),and seems more like a "Showcase of common or popular six flags rides bonded into a park", to me. If that's what you're going for, then great, but if not I have a few suggestions. First, if you're going to create an (example..) RMC hybrid, change something about it (color scheme, name layout,..), like you did with the Invert. Also, for a park with custom scenery, I feel as though there should be more of it. Otherwise, great park overall, I'm excited to see what happens next.

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Thank you for your response. I actually am trying to use names and themes from other six flags coasters for my coasters. I wanted to stick within the confines of what types of coasters Six Flags has bought (X-Flight being an exception). I was considering changing the color scheme for Wicked Cyclone, maybe it'll be different for the final version of the park. An interesting tidbit is that I actually built Wicked Cyclone by building and editing on a preexisting Cyclone coaster made by someone else. It is based off of Robbie92's Santa Fe Cyclone from his park, Six Flags Santa Fe (which can be found on New Element). As for custom scenery, I'm really just beginning with using it. I don't have that much so there isn't a lot in this park.

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MINI-UPDATE - In the first post I said that I would redo the entrance and the renovation is now finished so I thought I'd share it with you guys!


This complex features an Info kiosk, restrooms, first aid, and an ATM


Pond and carousel


This complex features a hat shop, gift shop, burger shop, and drinks shop


And here is the new entrance


Here is the old entrance

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New Update - Southwest Territory!

Six Flags North Woods is back with an all-new update! Today is the reveal of the Southwest territory. As always, please comment with your thoughts, your feedback is much appreciated. Next update will be a while as there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done. Thank you and enjoy!


Here is SW territory's gate from county fair


Visible in this shot are the burger stand, drinks shop, and covered seating area


Here is the super loop ride, lasso, and chubasco, a spinning tea cups ride


Here you can see various restaurants / shops as well as the river rocker


Here is a shot of SW territory's entrance from the entrance area


Here is Ricochet as well as Trailblazer


And here is SW territory's only Coaster : El Toro! Built by Intamin in 2004!


El Toro stands 140 feet tall and reaches speeds of 65 mph!


These airtime hills provide some of the best air around!


Here is El Toro's turnaround


An overview of most of El Toro's layout


El Toro's final twists and turns


Here is an overview of Southwest Territory!


And here is an overview of what has been completed so far! The next update will likely see the completion of the park!

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You have no idea how happy it makes me to see fences and lock-out zones around all of your rides and coasters. So many Tycoon parks are ruined for me because they lack this very simple yet important and realistic detail, thank you.


Well done, I love the style of your work!

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Thank you for your compliment! I agree that fences around coasters are important for realistic park-making although I think that there can be room for some interaction with scenery and paths. In this park there is not much interaction but I hope in my next park (hint..hint) to have some more interaction while retaining fences and lock-out zones.

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Well that is an interesting question. The answer is maybe. There are a few drawbacks that I discovered with putting it up for download. 1. It is built in Wacky Worlds / Time Twister, meaning that many of you can't open it. 2. It has custom scenery and rides, and since I am the least tech-savvy person on earth I would need to learn how to package that somehow (if anyone knows how that would be nice). 3. I'm not entirely sure how to make a download file for it at all (See, I really am tech-challenged), so if anyone knows how, help would be appreciated. So I don't know if I'll put it up. As it is WW/TT, it may not be worth it, as well as all of the custom stuff being involved. I would like to let you guys download it, but I would need some direction as to how to do that first.

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I got in a lot of work today on the start of the final themed section and I can honestly say this is already shaping up to be my favorite area of the park. It has a clear theme which is reflected in architecture and foliage and overall is looking really, really good. I am super excited to share it with you guys.

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The way I get all my custom scenery is by downloading parks with custom scenery, that then gets added into your game. So a park that has these paths is this http://www.nedesigns.com/park/1925/map/1733/six-flags-santa-fe/ ,just download the park and the paths will be a selectable option next time you start a custom scenario. Hope this helps!

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Hello everyone, sorry for the long wait, but Six Flags North Woods is back with an all-new update! This update reveals the final themed area in the park, Golden Kingdom! The area has an oriental and natural theme. I focused on dark red, yellow, and tan for the colors, and tried to use more stone textures rather than steel. This update only contains about half of Golden Kingdom, but it contains all three coasters. Next update will likely be the completion of the park. As always, please give feedback, it is much appreciated. If you provide feedback, I will definitely return the favor and give feedback if you have a park (not that I necessarily wouldn't if you don't). Thank you for reading and enjoy.


Here is the entrance to Golden Kingdom! This is probably my favorite entrance gate in the park


Pictured here are the sweets counter and a garden / sitting area. I tried to use different trees in this area than in the rest of the park as well


And here is the first coaster of Golden Kingdom, Roar! Built by GCI in 2001, it was originally part of county fair, but when the Golden Kingdom expansion was added in 2005, it became part of Golden Kingdom


Roar features a massive drop and high speed turns as it races through the back woods of the park


More of roar's layout, the lower section of track is the entrance into a tunnel


Roar's turnaround across the river


Roar's helix finale


Introducing Tatsu! Built by B&M in 2009!


The first half of Tatsu's layout

SCR158 (2).BMP

The second half of Tatsu's layout

SCR159 (2).BMP

Tatsu finishes with this helix over water


The Golden Wheel, Scrambler, a few restaurants, and restrooms


More restaurants and an elevated seating area


And here is the last and biggest coaster revealed in the park, Kaiju! Built by Intamin in 2007


Kaiju means "strange beast" in Japanese, and the queue in the last shot shows the destruction caused by the beast


After the first drop, Kaiju features a banked drop and airtime hill


Kaiju's intense helix turnaround


Kaiju's twisty second half, which includes a dive into a tunnel


And here is another feature attraction of Golden Kingdom, Temple of Doom! A perilous 4-D interactive dark ride


Overview of Golden Kingdom, I really like how it turned out


Overview of the park

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