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Which coaster vids do you obsessively watch over and over?

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I do watch many videos quite a few times but I don't think there is one in articular that I watch over and over again. One I can think of is the Golden Wings SLC at Happy Valley Beijing as I find Robb's "vekoma" comments quite funny.

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My kids and I watch TPR last ride on Jaws and Log flume song but have to hit mute coming down the hill for the occasional shit word. The highlights are "Shark!SHark!Shark!" and of course the catchy song. Yes they are not coasters but they are TPR vids.

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Skyrider at CW. The airtime was surprisingly intense, and you get at least somewhat of a feel for that on video. Now that it's been relocated, I at least have some good memories of that airtime, and can somewhat relive it through youtube.


Mindvender at Galaxyland, West Edmonton Mall, cause it's so damn intense!


Intamin 2nd Gen Drop Towers/S&S towers/ARM super shots. For most of them, it's hard to capture the freefall/airtime feeling, but a couple really good POVs manage to capture it somewhat


Chance zippers/Topscans/Most very intense flats usually provide some great POVs. In many of them, you can really get a sense of the intensity/disorientation on the video, and because so many of these rides give random, unpredictable movements, each POV is different, just like the true nature of the rides themselves.

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If there is one coaster video I particularly enjoy watching when I'm bored, it is the Muntanya Russa POV from TPR filmed at Tibidabo. It is just a uniquely smooth terrain coaster that has a beautiful location and a great-looking layout.



More intense and fun to watch is Intimidator 305. Since I won't be getting back to Kings Dominion anytime soon to try it myself, it is nice to have such a high quality POV to enjoy a virtual experience with.


I play these videos and other TPR videos in full HD on my 60 inch TV and live-convert them to 3D for a more immersive experience and they're are two of my favorites to re-watch!

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