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Which coaster vids do you obsessively watch over and over?

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Lightning Run- As squeaky as it is, it just mesmerizes me how such a small coaster can pack such a punch


Mega Lite (and it's sisters Piraten, Kawasemi, etc) -Same as above, so wild and so small


Gatekeeper- Cause it's so pretty


MF- It's just so massive, and a huge piece of theme park history


Bizarro (SFNE) - Has a weird mysterious aura IMO, plus it's been on my bucket list for 15 years now


Viper (SFMM) -This ride defined my childhood, so watching vids brings an extreme sense of nostalgia


Takabisha - Such eye-candy watching such a small train, travelling across so much track


Mantis - Just for the roar, it's so loud and sooo 90's B&M

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X2: because that ride is so hard to not only capture, but also hard to tell how it feels just by a video. So I keep a lookout for new X2 (and also Dinoconda and Eej.... the one in Japan) videos, hoping for one that captures it in good quality.

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Any videos with ANY of the Big Thunder Railroads in ANY of the Disney parks, that have one.


I love how the Japanese crammed so much into the space they had for BTM. AND added a tunnel for the train ride, too! (o:

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It varies, but usually it's whatever the next new major coaster I'll be riding is. At the moment, that happens to be Twisted Colossus, so I've found myself watching the animated promo and POV repeatedly, particularly when I see a new construction update. I find most POV videos get boring after a few views unless it's a ride I'll actually be riding in the near future.

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I can watch The Hair Raiser on-ride POV at Ocean Park quite a few times. I avoid (over)watching videos of coasters I'm more likely to ride for the first time in the next few years, so that the experience is fresher when the time comes.

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Now that I'm the proud owner of all 9 volumes of Roller Coasters in the Raw I tend to throw them on when there is nothing good on TV. I prefer watching them on the TV over the computer monitor (just looks better), and even though Ive watched them all more than a few times already, I still get a kick out of watching certain rides over and over again.

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