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I can't believe this clown got away with having that on the ride. What idiots to take that risk with other people on the ride. Remember Dueling Dragons at IOA doesn't duel anymore because a foreign object struck a rider in the eye? And yet these assclowns were bringing these stupid sticks on rides. I agree big time get these things out of the parks. They're hazardous on rides and rude during live shows for other spectators.


Watch, just one person will need to take a selfie stick on Twisted Colossus and then they'll only run one train at a time.

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Uuugh. Here's another selfie stick occurrence at a Disney Park.

We really shouldn't need to use these for roller coasters. I could understand if you're trying to get some neat off-ride shots, but this is quite unneeded.


What an absolute idiot! Love all the comments hes getting on youtube now, keep it up! Hopefully it will make him realise the scale of his stupidity, not holding my breath though...

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I would not condone taking cameras on rides, but at least you can say that a hand held cam is easy to hold. (Though it can be dangerous if dropped over a walkway). So, if taking an easy to hold camera on a ride is bad enough, taking an inverted pendulum on a ride has to be one of the worst ideas ever. And, they are incredibly rude during shows. It is bad enough when people have their phones out in movie theaters, so imagine if someone took one of these into a theater.

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Now major US museums are banning selfie sticks to protect art works (yes, some morons have actually touched pieces of art work with them when trying to take a selfie). Now all theme parks need to do is put up art at the front gate and claim the same thing. http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/museums-ban-selfie-sticks/

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I have never seen these sticks, but these look like disasters ready to strike. I don't like the idea of the selfie, i don't like to be narcissistic, I just like to ride my attractions peacefully without sticks in my way. Is this a big thing at the WDW Properties yet? (I haven't been for the past 4 years sadly)


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I have an awesome selfie stick story.


My wife and I and another couple brought our kids on a winter wonderland type of train ride in the St Louis area last month.


This annoying 20-something guy was using his selfie stick out the side of the train car (an open car like most theme park trains), even after the P.A. announcer said before and during the ride to keep hands and arms inside the cars at all time (there were a number of trees and other objects within a foot or two of the car.


Well this moron kept doing it until the end of the stick whacked a tree branch and went flying out of his hand and down a small ravine. Several people laughed audibly at his misfortune.


After the train returned to the depot, my buddy and I eavesdropped on the guy as he asked a staff member if he or an employee could walk back to the spot to retrieve his camera, and he was told no one could walk back until all trains were idle for the night. The best part is that this was 11:00 AM and the last train for the day left the station at 8:30 PM, so the idiot was told he had to wait 10 hours until he could get his little gadget back.


It was good times...

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This doesn't exactly help the cause...





To be fair the pictured use - alone in what appears to be a library - I would say is fine if that's what you really want to do. But when it becomes the "cool" thing to do, especially since the "cool President" is doing it obviously in an effort to look cool himself, more people are going to try to look "cool" in a public place like a theme park with these. Ughh.

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