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#BanSelfieSticks - Help Us Spread The Word!

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I did notice quite a few during my visit to Orlando in September last year, including people using them on both Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Seems like its increasingly getting worse. I can understand using them if you're standing at the very back and have a hard time seeing a show or a parade or something, but I just had a look at my Frozen Fireworks video and when Elsa comes on stage there is someone almost at the very front with a selfie stick up in the air and that's just plain stupid!!!

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The selfie sticks are everywhere in Asia, I always see them being snuck on places. But for me my biggest pet peeve lately has been how many people take their tablets to use as cameras. I try to be considerate and use my view-finder or even when i'm not still have it set to view finder to keep my screen off but so many firework shows and dark-rides where I just sit there half blind because people are recording and snapping away with the brightest screens in the middle of the darkness.


We were at Everland recently and it's the middle of "rehab season" plus temperatures and wind meant almost everything was closed but the inside rides so we figured we'd ride the Everland version of it's a small world and our boat as well as the one in front was just a sea of big, super bright screens. Even the fireworks show. I don't mind phones and camera screens too much since they aren't that big (even if I try and keep mine to viewfinder) but when it's a ton of tablets it's actually pretty blinding.


You don't see people going around the parks carrying monopods and tri-pods everywhere for the same reason. But people are idiots and this is what we have to deal with now.


Speaking of DisneySea, an awesome thing is they don't allow those into the park I believe and nobody seems to try and sneak them in, the just respect the rules


This guys came out of his shirt the second the ride was in motion

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Wow...I guess I never really thought of people using them on rides or sticking them in the face of a killer whale. But then again, this is the day and age of stupid, self-entitled people, so it's not really surprising to see this idiocy, unfortunately.


How long do you think it will take before someone has one of these chopped off during a ride and the flying pieces injure another rider, who in turn sues the park? I'm going to say it will more than likely happen at some point this year as these get more and more popular.


I actually got one of these for Christmas and thought it would be cool to have while visiting a foreign country and you want to take a photos of you and your loved one(s) without feeling uncomfortable about asking someone. I guess I never really even thought of using it for anything more than that.


When I go into theme parks, I am perfectly happy wearing my belt camera case (of which I also got a new one for Christmas!) and my small Cybershot camera where it is secured and safe. This stick will certainly not be going with me into any theme park.

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Selfie sticks? That's a thing now? Wow. What's wrong with asking another person to take a picture for you? What's wrong with normal selfies? Oh, and why are people bringing these contraptions on rides? Normal cameras can and will fly off, and selfie sticks are the same, maybe even worse. I agree that this needs to stop. Are there any cases of this in the west coast, amusement parks or not?

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To be honest, I had never even heard the term 'Selfie Stick' until I saw this thread.


I think the main reason that my partner bought me one for Christmas is that when we were touring the Czech Republic and Hungary last year, not a lot of people spoke English so we felt kind of awkward asking someone to take a photo of us. Not that we are narcissists, we just like having one photo of the two of us for every trip/adventure that we take and sometimes when you are in a foreign country, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to ask. Not to mention when tour guidebooks say to be wary of flashing money or handing someone your camera in a touristy area.


Yes, most everyone knows how to use a camera, but most people don't seem to understand the part about holding down the shutter halfway until you get the green light and then click in order to avoid blurry pictures. Heck most Americans don't understand that concept either, so try to explain that to some Hungarian person that has no clue as to what you're even saying to them!


I have many a photo of us that I have asked people to take that have ended up in poor quality and I just didn't have the heart to ask them to take another one. So when I saw a couple using one in Niagara Falls this past summer, I thought it was a pretty neat concept.


In reading the articles and seeing the stupid ways that people are using these almost makes me feel embarrassed about owning one now. Although I know that we would never use it in the manner in what I have recently seen - it would mostly be used for our international trips.

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^ Like I said in THIS post, if people were using them as they were originally intended, it wouldn't be so bad. But humanity has set in and people are just being obnoxious with them.


Trust me, there are times where I feel it could come in very handy on some of our film shoots. But only "at times", and not every damn picture or video we take! And not to endanger other people. And not to be self-centered and annoy others while watching a show, concert or a sporting event.


I'm SURE the inventor is doing the biggest facepalm ever going "this is not what I intended..." (shortly after hanging himself for not having patented the idea and having every Chinese company in existence rip it off and sell if for cheap.)

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South Korea has the right idea, even if the reasons are bizarre.




It's not what you think, there's been a big deal with what is believed to be "government mafia" coming in the night and trashing street stands because the government is currently very unhappy with all the unlicensed street vendors that line a lot of the streets, take cash and don't pay tax and one of the biggest sellers was knock-off selfie sticks. You couldn't exit any of the main subways without seeing at least 4 vendors selling these. Koreans love selfies, so as I said in my earlier post them and tablets to record are everywhere in the parks. The government hasn't banned them at all, just the knock-offs, you'll still see them everywhere here too.

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You know... personally I do not have anything against Selfie Sticks. I think they can be awesome when used as intended. Like If you want to take a selfie of your group, and you don't want someone to miss out on the photo to be behind the camera, then yes, a selfie stick is okay! Any other time... No. Just... no.


I think it is a VERY poor decision for them to be on any theme park attraction, or at any theme park show. Under these circumstances I am all for the #BanSelfieSticks.

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Selfie sticks are a great idea when used properly. If you're using it to take a group picture where you're not disturbing anybody and it's easier than having someone else take the shot, that's a perfectly good use for it. If you're using it to stabilize your camera by resting it on the ground or an object like a traditional monopod, that's an acceptable use as well. Using the stick to raise your camera above the crowd, however, is rude and inconsiderate to those around you. I wouldn't mind this if people who did it stood off to the side or at the back of the crowd, but when you're front and center you need to keep as low of profile as can reasonably be expected. As far as using them on rides, that is just outright dangerous as it could cause damage to the attraction and/or injury to other riders. In my opinion, anyone caught with one of these on a ride should be immediately ejected from the park.


A lot of parks ban tripods, so for those parks selfie sticks should definitely be banned as well. At parks like Disney, however, where small tripods and monopods are permitted, it seems like it would be very difficult to prohibit these without also prohibiting tripods and monopods as they're basically a handheld monopod. I would be okay with the parks enforcing the same rules for these as they do for tripods (they can be used provided their use does not impact other visitors). However, if people can't be responsible with them then they should be banned before something serious happens.

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